St Hilda’s Chaplain let go after 30 years, making way for Multi-Faith Director

first_imgOne student at St Hilda’s College told Cherwell: “It is very sad that after 30 years, the college has decided to cease Brian’s role as chaplain. Brian has been wonderfully ‘interfaith’ in his support for people of all faiths and none. The diverse range of speakers he has hosted in his ‘Chaplain’s Chats’ showcase this. He will be missed by very many students.” The college told Cherwell that “his legacy provides an excellent basis for our future work as we move into a new phase.” A statement by a spokesperson for St Hilda’s college explained: “In January 2020 following a wide consultation with the undergraduate, graduate, and SCR members of the college, St Hilda’s reconceived the College’s provision for religious practice by proposing to establish a multi-faith space. The multi-faith space is intended to be accessible to those of all faiths and none as a place for worship, assembly, and prayer, and for quiet contemplation and reflection. St Hilda’s follows colleges like Green Templeton College, Linacre College, and St Catherine’s College that do not have a Chapel. However, these colleges do not have a multi-faith space instead, making St Hilda’s the first college to offer this. During the lockdown, Brian Mountford has been providing weekly virtual Reflective Prayer Services. In the service for Week 6, he emphasised: “Nobody wants religion thrust down their throats. I have been careful to do my best to be inclusive in these reflections.” St Hilda’s governing body has decided against renewing Canon Revd. Brian Mountford’s post as Chaplain of St Hilda’s after 30 years of service to the college. He will cease to be Chaplain on 30th June 2020 and a new position of Chaplain and Director of Multifaith Space will be advertised. This follows the college’s decision to replace an Anglican Chapel with a multi-faith room earlier this year. The lack of a formal termination to his chaplaincy comes as a result of Revd Mountford’s non-contractual position at the college. The Chaplain had a fixed-term appointment. Fixed-term contracts have “no expectation of renewal or conversion,” according to the UN. Nevertheless, he had been working with St Hilda’s College for 30 years. This has raised concerns among some students with regards to the college’s handling of the situation, which some deem has been “discriminatory” and inadequate. This change was not made public to the JCR as it was a Governing Body decision, which has led to some criticism against the college’s transparency and clarity in matters regarding the new multi-faith space. Regarding the Chaplain, St Hilda’s stated: “The College is immensely grateful to the Revd Canon Brian Mountford for his 30 years of service and dedication to the College as Chaplain. Canon Mountford was appointed a Supernumerary Fellow of the College whilst being the College Chaplain and the Vicar of the University Church. Canon Mountford retired from his employment at the University Church in the summer of 2016, but kindly agreed to continue as a Supernumerary Fellow and the College Chaplain, providing crucial support for our students and fostering a culture of debate on the significant questions concerning faith, belief, and the contemporary world through his regular ‘Chaplain’s Chat’ series.” “As part of this faith provision the College will employ for the first time a Chaplain who will also be the Director of the Multifaith Space, supporting the College to develop this vision and implement a plan for the successful operation of the shared space for all.” Image credit to Steve Cadman/ Flickr.last_img read more

3 Things We Learned from Season 2 of ‘House of Cards’

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Beware of spoilers!It’s possible that I’m a little late to the party here, but I don’t care.Netflix’s hit show House of Cards premiered one month ago—on Valentine’s Day to be exact—and while thousands took the binge-viewing approach I, after several minutes of deep contemplation, decided to watch in installments—kind of like the way I pay my bills.Somehow I was able to avoid all the spoilers swirling around social media and my favorite websites. So if you have yet to finish season 2 or are still considering adding House of Cards to your expanding menu of shows—either on the cable, network TV or the Internet—then use this moment to respectfully excuse yourself from this post and move on to the next great piece of content on our lovely little news site. Perhaps you should read this. Or this. And maybe this. Just don’t go here.Now, on to the show. Here are three things we learned from season 2 of House of Cards.1) The producers are obviously not afraid of to kick characters to the curb, or throw them into an oncoming train.Poor Zoe Barnes. She thought she had Francis Underwood on the hot seat before he flung her like a rag doll into the aforementioned speeding hunk of metal at the outset of the season. Barnes (Kate Mara), an intrepid reporter who had an affair with Underwood while he was the Democratic whip in Congress, decided she’d had enough of his untruths and confronted him in a subway where the soon-to-be Vice President agreed to meet, perhaps with premeditated ideas of murder on his mind. Barnes sealed her faith when she asked the conniving politician if he was responsible for the death of Rep. Peter Russo (which he was). Underwood decided he no longer had any use for Barnes so he threw her onto the tracks while a train barreled into the station. The scene felt like a dream sequence, and it was only a matter of time before Zoe or Underwood would rise from a deep sleep. But that never happened. And Barnes’ death set the stage for another season of malicious Washington D.C. politics.2) Long Island wine sucks, according to a ruthless pol.This one stung.This unfair dig at Long Island’s beloved vineyards came from California’s own Jackie Sharp (played by Molly Parker) who told a fictional congressman from LI that his hometown’s product “tastes like piss compared to what we have in Napa.”That didn’t sit well with Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) who told The Suffolk Times that he takes “exception to anyone criticizing Long Island wines.” But he wasn’t all that peeved. Instead of banning the producers from ever visiting an East End vineyard, Bishop used the opportunity to invite the show’s creators to his district for a taste of the local product.This testy exchange came as Sharp, the new House Democratic whip, was trying to secure votes for entitlement reform.3) Francis Underwood was going to become president no matter what.We watched Underwood probe—carefully and meticulously—his way to the President Garrett Walker’s inner circle in season 1, eventually leading to his selection as Walker’s new VP. At that point it was almost a no-brainer that Underwood would eventually weasel his way into the highest office in the land. But did it have to happen so quick? Underwood sowed Walker’s demise and left a scandalous trail (a money laundering scam involving a billionaire friend of Walker’s and a corrupt Chinese businessman that funneled money into a Democratic super PAC; very complicated) that put Walker at the center of an epic scandal, which eventually led to his remarkably emotionless resignation. Sure, Walker was just a pawn—the kind that Underwood had no problem feeding to the wolves. So Underwood is now president. But now that he’s finally ascended to the throne there’s nowhere to go but down.last_img read more

La Liga Review (Sunday): Madrid Close Gap On Top Two With Eibar Win

first_imgMatchday 9 Results (Sunday):Leganes 1-0 Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid 3-0 EibarVillareal 4-0 Las PalmasCelta Vigo 0-1 Atletico MadridStandings:Barcelona 25 pointsValencia 21 pointsReal Madrid 20 pointsAtletico Madrid 19 pointsLeganes 17 pointsVillareal 16 points Spanish champions Real Madrid knew they couldn’t afford to drop more points in the league and that mindset prompted the team to a straightforward 3-0 win over lowly Eibar at the Estadio Santiago Bernebeu on Sunday night.Young Spanish international forward Marco Asensio was the star of the show as he forced an own goal out of Paulo Oliviera for the game’s opening goal before scoring the second to give the European champions a 2-0 lead at halftime. Brazilian defender Marcelo has been underfire for tax issues and he responded to those criticism with a late strike to help his side to a comprehensive victory over their lowly opponents.City rivals Atletico Madrid also recorded a win on Sunday following their 1-0 win against Celta Vigo at Balaidos. French striker Kevin Gameiro got the only goal of the game for Diego Simeone’s men as they bounce back from their disappointing goalless draw with Qarabag in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).The win for Real Madrid takes them to within one point of second-placed Valencia and five point off the top spot presently occupied by their arch rivals Barcelona. Relatedlast_img read more

SA’s unique branding drive

first_imgAfter researching numerous websites about social media in South Africa, two big movements are readily apparent: the Brand South Africa campaign and interest in the 2010 Fifa World Cup.I have never seen a similar branding campaign for a country before, so it was interesting to learn how the country is creating a unified, positive marketing movement for an entire country.A campaign of this nature will certainly help stabilise local marketing efforts, and plays an important role in the prevalence of World Cup news and information on many Websites.Fifa soccer is a huge event worldwide and puts everyone’s eyes on the host country, much like the Olympics do. By teaching South Africans to unify their overall message, and incorporate a bit of the soccer mania, the country is poised to become a centre of attention, all while keeping focus on the offerings of South Africa.The Brand South Africa site even gives tips on how to take advantage of the coming World Cup. The Brand South Africa campaign as a whole delves deeper into social media with a full toolkit of Web 2.0 applications, including videos, a Twitterfeed, Podcasts, Share buttons, and a blog.In terms of using social media to advance a brand, this whole campaign has overarching possibilities because if the country of South Africa as a whole is looked upon favorably, it follows that the companies and the economy should benefit as well.So in terms of social media being used advantageously, South Africa really took the use of new tools to a high level.In addition to a nationwide branding campaign, the South Africans went a step further with an entire “series of campaigns aimed at mobilising South Africans to get involved in creating the country they want to live in” comprised of a “network of organisations that have come together to inspire and mobilise South Africans to become active citizens for good”.Known as the Movement for Good, this campaign provides tips on how all South Africans can help spread the good name of SA. Furthermore, within the Movement for Good, there is the Social Networking Platform For Good.On this website, people can join the campaign and receive SMS messages providing details and information on how to take action to show South Africa in the best possible light. (SMS was the chosen medium of delivery because only 10% of South Africans have access to the Internet, while many citizens have mobile phones.)Overall, this campaign is interesting because it allows the citizens to share their stories and thoughts about South Africa through the blog and by uploading videos and participating in social networks.Conversation is a cornerstone of social media and active participation from somebody other than a PR or marketing person is key to a successful campaign. But more interesting is that these campaigns are about an entire nation participating in social and traditional media.There is no blog of the United States like there is a blog for South Africa. Nor does the United States have a Facebook page. So in that regard, South Africa is using social media in one of the most interesting ways that I’ve ever seen – marketing the country, as a whole, as a unified brand.Although other countries have tried similar campaigns, South Africa’s approach is unique because of the social media implications and I will be curious to see if other nations follow suit. – Georgetown Universitylast_img read more

5 Online Resources for Getting Started in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

first_imgLooking to start a visual effects career or develop new motion graphics skills? These online VFX education resources are cost effective and convenient!Whether you just finished high school or are mid career, not everyone has the time or money to attend school full-time. In this post, we explore affordable online options to learn visual effects, CG and motion graphics.Check out each site, watch the preview videos and read the FAQs to find the online VFX education resource that best fits your needs and interests.1. FXPHDFXPHD mimics a traditional format of universities, giving you a 10-week schedule of training. You can join anytime during the 10 weeks and the classes are taught by industry professionals. Features:New classes weekly. Instructors (mentors) are well known industry artists. Focus:Broad. Subjects include 2D, 3D, CAD, Game Development and Video VFX. Also covers traditional skills (drawing, illustration, color theory), as well as a variety of software. Focus:Specific. Courses are limited to Maya software based training. How it Works:A suite of VFX training tutorials from Choose the FX Technical Director package for $300 or purchase case studies individually (1 for $50 or 4 for $150). How it Works:Standard three-course membership costs $359, includes required 4th class, Background Fundamentals. You download the classes, it is not a subscription service. You have 2 weeks to sample the available classes (first 2 classes) before committing to 3 classes. Focus:Broad. Though they offer a lot of VFX and motion graphics classes, as well as classes in cinematography, editing, color grading, and audio. They have 9 class tags, where you can search classes by subject. Focus:Specific to feature film style visual effects. How it Works:Annual Subscription $299.99 (includes training materials) or you can buy a video stream of any individual class. How it Works:Subscription service (Monthly Plan $45, 6 Months $225, Yearly $399) You have access to files to use for the classes and on your reel. Other Paid VFX Education OptionsIf you’re looking for a more traditional online VFX school, check out these options (all over $500) which offer a structured set of visual effects classes.Escape StudiosAnimation MentorGnomon School of VFXHow did you learn visual effects? Know any resources that were not included? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Focus:Specific. Hi-End VFX for movies and media (software include Nuke, Houdini, Maya). 4. Simply Maya How it Works:Video Credits allow you do download only the parts of a tutorial that you’d like to watch. You can also opt for a Lifetime Membership $395 or purchase a video tutorial from the Simply Maya Shop (individual downloads) Features:70 hours of training on Maya and RealFlow. The Technical Director package which covers how to create Hollywood style VFX. Each training video comes with project files. 3. CMIVFX 5. VFX Learning UVFX Learning U is an Indiegogo project (funding Dec. 2013) of VFX Learning. 2. Digital Tutors Features:Tutorials cover a range of Maya related topics including rigging, lighting, modeling, shading and rendering. There’s also an active Community Forum and Maya resources (models, rigs, shaders, materials, scripts). Features:1300+ courses with 24 Learning Paths that guide you to what classes to watch. Classes are broken into levels and offer quizzes and tests.A good starting place for beginners is CG 101, a collection of fundamentals for 2D & 3D. There are also tips on creating a demo reel and portfolio. They offer new classes each month (see listing below). Features:Access to a variety of software via VPN during the 10 weeks. Access to the class forums, where you can ask questions and interact with fellow students. You can also download hi-res footage that you can use for practice.Some of the intro classes offer certification exams. There are Challenges (background fundamentals) where you submit work for feedback.last_img read more

Bihar’s ‘sibling rivalry’

first_imgIt’s hard to believe that Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar used to refer to each other as brothers. But a fierce “sibling rivalry” has dominated Bihar politics in the past two decades.The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief was a “monarch” for 15 years – since taking over as CM in March 1990 till his party was ousted by Nitish in November 2005. Nitish, close to Lalu in his early years, broke away in 1994 to float the Samata Party with George Fernandes.Staunch supporters of socialist ideology, Lalu and Nitish were students of Patna University when they were jailed under MISA. Lalu tasted electoral success by becoming a Lok Sabha MP in 1977, but Nitish had to wait till 1985 for his maiden victory as an MLA. In the first three years of Lalu’s reign, Nitish was part of his inner circle but chose to follow a different path when Lalu started marginalising other leaders of the erstwhile Janata Dal who had the potential to upstage him.Nitish was among the first to leave and turned into Lalu’s bitter critic in later years.For more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

Mason Rudolph: ‘I Feel Like One Game Doesn’t Define Me At All’

first_imgMason Rudolph has had a bumpy few days. From those first two drives in Austin to the two picks to the apparent hand injury that Gundy talked about on Monday. He talked on Monday like a kid unfazed by it all.“Kind of had an up and down deal,” Rudolph said about the game on Saturday. “Have to eliminate the turnovers., something I’ve always tried to focus on. Our coaching staff has done a good job with me in correcting mistakes and moving on to K-State.”“I’ve got great confidence,” Rudolph said. “I feel like one game doesn’t define me at all. I’m gonna be able to come back and do great. I’ve got a great confidence in this team and this defense. Anytime you play bad and still come out with a win, it’s awesome.”AdChoices广告 While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. He’s right, of course. In 2015, we sometimes think one game does define you — or we try to make it do so. I’m still all in though, and so is his offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich.“He’s a guy who has a lot of confidence in himself,” said Yurcich on Monday. “He’s a guys who bounces back and has a short memory. He learns from his mistakes. I have tremendous confidence in him and his ability.”last_img read more

10 months agoBarcelona ace Messi: I want to work again with Guardiola

first_imgBarcelona ace Messi: I want to work again with Guardiolaby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBarcelona ace Leo Messi admits he’d like to again work with Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.Guardiola and Messi won the Champions League together at Barca.And Messi’s latest comments could give fans slight hope that they may see him in a City shirt after all, even if he was hinting at a reunion at the Nou Camp.He told Marca: “Although it is difficult, I would like to work with Guardiola again. He is one of the best coaches in the world.”That’s why I would like [him to come back], but I’m telling you that I see it as complicated.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Michigan G Spike Albrecht Thanks Wolverines’ Fan With Heartfelt Tweet Following B1G Tourney Loss

first_imgSpike Albrecht speaks on camera.The Michigan men’s basketball team’s season might have come to an end today, as the Wolverines fell in the Big Ten Tournament to Wisconsin, 71-60. John Beilein’s squad, 16-16, 8-10 in the Big Ten, is surely not an NCAA Tournament team, and a berth into the NIT seems questionable, too. The Michigan coach said following the loss to the Badgers that they’re not interested in playing in one of other tournaments. So, this afternoon might have been the last time we saw this year’s edition of Michigan basketball. In light of that, Wolverines’ junior guard Spike Albrecht sent out a heartfelt tweet to the fans, thanking them for their support this season. Thanks to everyone who stuck by our side all season long. Can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your support. #GoBlue— spike albrecht (@SpikeAlbrecht) March 13, 2015Michigan had a down season in 2014-15, but the Wolverines will bring a decent amount of talent back, and get some key players healthy. Beilein’s team could be a contender in the Big Ten next season.last_img read more

Increased Production Only Way Forward – Minister Clarke

first_imgMinister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Roger Clarke, has again called on Jamaicans to increase production, as this is the only way to move the country forward. “I am confident that something is going to happen … now is the opportunity for us to rise and build,” he said. The Minister emphasized that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not going to solve Jamaica’s problems, as the issues being faced by the country will only be solved by all citizens working together as one people for one cause. Mr. Clarke was speaking at the opening of Edgechem Jamaica Limited’s 16th retail paint store in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, on March 22. “I say to the people of this country, let us throw away the orange shirt and the green shirt, and let us come together as one to build one Jamaica.If we fail at this, no colour will save us,” the Minister said.Mr. Clarke congratulated Edgechem for promoting local products and import substitution.The company is famous for having the only locally developed automotive refinishing system, with software for the mixing of over 50,000 colours.For her part, Managing Director of Edgechem, Doreen Frankson, said that to prevent decline in the economy and loss of jobs, citizens everywhere must ‘Buy Jamaican’.“We all must build Brand Jamaica with top quality products and services which we have been producing, while at the same time significantly reducing our import bill,” she emphasized.By Glenis A. Rose, JIS Reporterlast_img read more