Invincible Truly is The Best Superhero Book in the Universe

first_img Adobe’s New AI Tool Can Identify Photoshopped FacesNASA Invites You to #PictureEarth For Earth Day Robert Kirkman’s Invincible boasts that it is “The best superhero comic in the universe.” Certainly a bold statement, but it isn’t unwarranted. Invincible has consistently been one of the very best comics since 2003. It is a comic book fans’ comic in every way imaginable. Invincible is an unabashed love letter to superhero stories, but it isn’t afraid of bucking genre tropes whenever possible. Robert Kirkman’s imaginative scripts, along with Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker’s dynamic drawings, elevate this book above many others in the genre.As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Next month, Invincible will begin its last story arc: The End of All Things. This epic 12-part finale will wrap up all of the storylines from the series’ thirteen-year history. It will no doubt be a spectacular send off for this amazing book.Because Invincible is coming to a close, we thought this would be a perfect time to look back at some of the series’ most memorable moments.Mark Grayson gets his powersMark Grayson (Invincible) is the son of Earth’s greatest hero: Omni-Man. Since childhood, Mark has eagerly anticipated the day his powers would awaken. He discovers his abilities when he accidentally tosses a garbage bag into orbit.What made this moment great was its simplicity. Mark tosses the garbage bag into the stratosphere, silently stares at it, and then says “It’s about time.” He tells both of his parents what happened during dinner. Both nonchalantly reply with “that’s nice.” This is a small event when compared to everything else in the series. Even still, it had a great impact on those who read the book for the first time.Omni-Man’s betrayalThis is the moment that defined not only Mark Grayson as a character, but the entire Invincible book. We learn that Nolan Grayson (Mark’s father) was sent by his race, the Viltrumites, to conquer Earth. After this revelation, Mark and Nolan engage in an epic battle that takes place all across the world. Thousands of innocent people are killed during the struggle.Before Nolan murders the Guardians of the Globe (Invincible’s version of the Justice League), Invincible was relatively lighthearted. The grisly murder and subsequent brutal fight between Invincible and Omni-Man demonstrated that this comic wasn’t messing around. The physical pain Mark endured is nothing compared to the emotional anguish of knowing his father betrayed him, his mother, and all of Earth. This event would haunt Mark for many issues afterward.Facing to face with the ViltrumitesWe saw the might a Viltrumite possesses when Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe single-handedly. This was also seen when Omni-Man utterly defeated Invincible. However, this was just a small sample of what these aliens are capable of. The power and ferocity of the Viltrumites were on full display when Mark and his father faced off against three members of the warrior race.Though Mark trained as hard as he could after fighting his father, it wasn’t enough. After nearly losing his life in battle against them, Invincible fully comprehends the threat Viltrumites pose. He begins to prepare for the day he would inevitably face them again — only now with the aid of his father, who he managed to reconcile with.The Sequid threatInvincible became the most powerful hero on Earth by default after his father left the planet. As such, the Pentagon recruited him to take on tasks previously assigned to Omni-Man. At first, this involved fighting random super villains like the Mauler Twins. Eventually, he was asked to escort a team of scientists to Mars. What was supposed to be a routine mission went array when the scientists were attacked by an alien race known as the Sequids.The Sequids would go on to become one of the series’ recurring enemies. The squid-like aliens became a bigger threat with each subsequent appearance. Even now, it is unclear whether the Sequids have truly been defeated or not.Angstrom LevyLike most superheroes, Invincible has a no-kill policy. Or rather, he had one until he faced Angstrom Levy. Levy isn’t a physical threat by any means. However, his vast intellect made him a formidable opponent. Levy discovers that Invincible is Mark Grayson and goes after his family. That’s when things became personal.Levy trapped Invincible in a dimension that was a deserted wasteland. Invincible can pull Levy into this dimension and threatens to kill him. Levy mocks Invincible because he believes the hero won’t cross that line. After Levy threatens Mark’s family again, Invisible pummels his head mercilessly. All that’s left is a gory, pulpy mess.Levy managed to survive Invincible’s onslaught, but our hero was unaware of this fact for a long time. Killing an enemy, even one as deplorable as Levy, made Invincible hold back during some major fights. He didn’t want to risk killing again, even accidentally.Levy would return several more times to torment Invincible.Invincible WarAfter surviving Invincible’s ruthless attack, Angstrom Levy fixed himself and began to plot his revenge. He traveled to various dimensions and recruited an army of evil versions of Invincible to attack the hero’s Earth. All of Earth’s champions (including the entire Image roster) are called into action. This fight would be known as the Invincible War.This was the book’s first massive war. As such, it was appropriately epic in scale. Levy had the alternate Invincibles attack Earth to stain Mark’s reputation. He was successful on that front. After the Invincible army had been defeated, the populace lost confidence in the hero. After all, if evil versions of Invincible exist, what is to stop the good one from eventually becoming evil?ConquestConquest is arguably Invincible’s greatest foe. Like Angstrom Levy, Conquest threatened the hero’s loved ones. Unlike the physically weak mad scientist, Conquest was a battle-hardened Viltrumite warrior who was more than a match for Mark Grayson.Invincible was utterly defeated during his first encounter with the Viltrumites. Though Conquest was considerably stronger than any foe he had previously faced, Mark’s rigorous training allowed him to hold his own. After seeing the villain kill his beloved, Eve, Invincible summoned the strength to soundly defeat the blood-thirsty warrior.It wouldn’t be long before Conquest and Invincible engaged in one last decisive battle.Viltrumite WarThe Invincible War was merely a prelude to the bigger event known as the Viltrumite War. Up until this point, the Coalition of Planets were on the defensive against the Viltrum Empire. Now that they had Invincible, Invincible’s brother, Oliver (Kid Omni-Man), Nolan, and a host of other warriors (including the fearsome Battle Beast), it was time to take the fight to the Viltrumites directly. As you would expect, things didn’t go well.Invincible missed much of the war after sustaining a life-threatening injury early on. Nolan and Oliver spent months with Invincible on an alien planet while he recuperated. During that time, the two trained and bonded. Just as the Coalition of Planets was on the verge of defeat, Invincible healed and returned to the fight.During the last days of the war, Invincible would face off against Conquest for a final time. By this point, he held no reservations about killing his foes. Invincible ended Conquest’s life by choking him to death. The war ended with the destruction of the Viltrumite homeworld. The remaining members relocated to Earth where they promised to live peacefully among humans.Destruction of Las VegasDinosaurus was one of the series’ more interesting antagonists. This giant, the humanoid dinosaur wasn’t actually evil at all. He genuinely wanted to save the planet. Unfortunately, his methods often resulted in a large number of casualties. There is no greater example of this than the time he destroyed Las Vegas with nuclear bombs.This was a tragic loss of life to be sure. However, it ended up helping the planet. Because Las Vegas was now glass, the government built massive solar panels to collect the excess energy. This required hiring workers, which in turn helped boost the economy. And because Las Vegas didn’t exist, it was no longer a drain on natural resources.Invincible reluctantly teamed up with Dinosaurus to help him on his eco-crusade. He believed in the mission, but his real goal was to ensure Dinosaurus didn’t kill any more people. This made Invincible a terrorist in the eyes of the government, despite the fact he was helping the planet on a macro-level.Robot takes over EarthVillains are almost always thwarted whenever they attempt to conquer the world. This has happened on many occasions within the pages of Invincible. This time, however, the world was successfully conquered, and the heroes defeated. Not by an evil maniac, but by a former hero who had the best of intentions.While attempting to stop another Flaxan invasion, Robot and Monster Girl crossed over into their dimension. Though only a matter of months passed on Earth, Robot and Monster Girl spent thousands of years in that other dimension. During their time there, Robot overthrew the ruling monarchy and became Emperor. His society would become prosperous and peaceful. Things would eventually fall apart, but for a time, he was a good ruler.When he returned to Earth, Robot was dismayed. Nothing had changed during his absence, save for his perspective on how a world should function. He carefully planned a take over of the planet and managed to pull it off after a bloody war with Earth’s heroes.Robot’s rule on Earth was no different than it was on Flaxan. War, disease, and inequality were eradicated virtually overnight. Humanity entered into a golden age it hadn’t experienced before. Ironically, the heroes who opposed Robot after the war were seen as little more than terrorists.Mark Grayson had been away from Earth during Robot’s takeover. When he saw what happened in his absence, his first instinct was to fight. However, none of his former allies were willing to help. Earth’s populace was finally at peace, after all. Even Mark’s dad — who at this point was the King of the remaining Viltrumites — didn’t side with him. Invincible eventually left the planet along with Eve. He was unable to forgive Robot for what he had done.Mark is sexually assaultedInvincible has been subjected to all manner of horrible physical and mental torture. However, our hero suffered the worst assault imaginable when he was raped by the powerful Viltrumite, Anissa.After the Viltrumites relocated to Earth, Thragg ordered them to breed with humans in order to repopulate the race. Anissa refused, feeling that human men were too weak to produce strong offspring. She sought out Invincible and forced herself on him. Though Invincible is one of the strongest warriors in the universe, he was unable to stop the overwhelmingly powerful Anissa.Mark eventually tells Eve what happened and she reassures him that it wasn’t his fault. However, he continues to feel guilt and shame. This moment showed that men, even ones with super powers, can also be the victims of sexual abuse.Thragg vs. Battle BeastInvincible is a book that has a great deal of brutal, one-on-one battles. The greatest of these was the one between Thragg and Battle Beast.These mighty warriors fought for an astonishing five issues. By the end, both had beaten each other into gory heaps of meat. Despite sustaining serious injuries, it was Thragg who emerged victorious. Afterward, Thragg wore the pelt of Battle Beast as his royal cape. Thragg was always an intimidating villain, but seeing him wearing the pelt of one of the universe’s most powerful warriors made him even more terrifying.Time JumpWhen most comics jump forward in time, little changes. Invincible‘s time jump was different. It not only significantly changed the status quo but was also profoundly heartbreaking.Invincible entered a strange dimension that allowed him to go back in time and change key moments from his past. He prevented some of the horrible events that befell him, his loved ones, and planet Earth. However, there was a catch. Because of the alterations made, he and Atom Eve would never get together. This, in turn, meant that their baby daughter wouldn’t be born.Invincible rejected this new timeline and went back to the life he knew. He returned only to discover that years, not weeks, had passed. Shortly afterward, he reunites with his wife and (now four-year-old) daughter. Mark was overcome by feelings of guilt and regret upon seeing his family.This bittersweet family reunion was as powerful as any of the series’ superhero battles. Stay on targetlast_img

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