This Adventure Time Gift Guide is Totally Mathematical

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. It’s still summer, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to get down with the Party God. At least, that’s what we do during the warm months. So the seasons might not be as radical as the ones that Jake and Finn have in the land of Ooo, but that doesn’t mean they have to be without a little color or a little song. Adventure Time has brought us so much joy throughout the years, so there’s bound to be somebody in your life that feels the same. We’ve collected a few of our favorite themed gifts we’ve found online, but due to the popularity of the show, there are certainly way more options to choose from.Adventure Time: The Official CookbookThe food in Adventure Time is simple fare, but it always looks so good. It doesn’t help that half of the supporting cast is also delicious-looking dessert. This official Adventure Time cookbook tells the tale of how Finn and Jake got the recipes for their favorite meals (they found an old cookbook that probably belonged to his mom at some point) and features some of your favorite Adventure Time recipes. Yes, there’s more than one. Obviously, you can make some bacon pancakes (makin’ bacon pancakes), but there are recipes for pink and fluffy cream puffs for Bubbeline fans, and cinnamon buns for…Cinnamon Bun fans. Plus, the book just came out, so there’s little chance the person you’re getting a gift for will own it.Battle of Ooo PlaysetThe whole gang is here to recreate the pleasure and perils in the Land of Ooo. You can reenact it all or just set it up and have the scenes live on forever.Gunther and Ice King Four Piece Pint Glass SetWho could you trust more to keep your beverages chilly than Gunter and Ice King? This glass set will complete any kitchen and are perfect for entertaining snowmen. But you don’t have to live in an igloo castle too enjoy these.Finn and Jake Medium FigureAn amazing Kid Robot figure that was a Loot exclusive is still out in the ether! Jake is Finn’s puffy winter coat keeping him whether he likes it of not. Well, at least BMO is along for the journey to provide good vibes and positivity.Enamel Pins, Set of 3These adorable pins of BMO, Jake, and Finn were made with love by HelloItsQuokka. They are quality enamel and will fit right in with any outfit. All three are a steal for $22.Demon blood sword replicaFinn has had so many swords throughout Adventure Time, some more beloved than others. Because it’s the internet, and people love making things, you can find multiple replicas of your favorite, especially on Etsy. This specific one was one of our favorites that we found: inexpensive, 3D printed, and of the demon blood sword, which is obviously the second best of Finn’s main swords. Grass sword is number one, of course.Finn and Jake Watercolor PrintHere’s a handmade print to decorate your home. There are seemingly hundreds of Adventure Time-themed ones online, but we liked these, which are beautiful watercolor by Michelle Coffee.BMO FlaskBMO is a lot of things: video game console, portable electrical outlet, music and video player, video editor, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light, skateboarder, soccer player, tape player, chef and but best all a friend. So here we have good ol’ Beemo as one of the most useful tools of all, a flask. Let him save all your worst days with love and booze.Marceline & The Scream Queens Vol. 1Get ready to hit the road with Marceline as she rocks all of Ooo. Bubblegum has joined, and they are a match made in musical heaven. The brilliant Meredith Gran writes and draws this adventure. It’s a must read for any fan of the Vampire Queen.Lumpy Space Princess Print SweatshirtThe famous LSP. No one has more confidence than her. You’ll definitely feel that way and be in the best style of a purple space princess. Grab this cozy sweatshirt today.The Lich TshirtWhat is more metal than The Lich?! Here we have an amazing metalhead version of the King who was raised by Tree Trunks. So there must be goodness in there. The only downside here is that monologue from Ron Perlman isn’t included.Deadpool’s Adventure Time WatchYes, it’s that watch. The one that was used for a throwaway gag in Deadpool. Okay, it’s not the one that was directly on Ryan Reynold’s wrist (that would cost way more than $25), but it’s similar. It’s dorky and simple, but it can tell time, and it has Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum on it. Although, whoever you get this for might be wary of wearing it to a job interview unless the company boss also loves Adventure Time. Then again, who doesn’t?Plush Peppermint ButlerSnuggle up to loyal…and maybe a little insane Peppermint Butler. He’ll wait on you all day and night just as he does for Princess Bubblegum. He doesn’t even care if you aren’t royalty either. Stay on targetcenter_img 11 Geeky Splurges to Spend Your Tax Refund On’Doctor Who’ Gifts for the Ultimate Whovian last_img

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