Watch Kayakers Are Pelted By Ice After Glacial Bridge Collapses

first_img Incredible Images From Space Capture the Death of a GlacierNASA Images Show New Lake Formed by Surging Glacier in Pakistan Stay on target Two kayakers on a peaceful exploration trip experienced a bone-chilling sight when a nearby glacial bridge collapsed and sent a massive “shower” of ice and water in their direction.Josh Bastyr and Andrew Hooper went on a kayaking trip near Spencer Glacier in Alaska on Saturday, For The Win reported. While they were paddling in the water, they suddenly heard calving noises and decided to go investigate. Then, a massive chunk of ice dropped into the water and generated a gunshot-like sound, and soon after, the bridge fell down, causing chunks of ice and a big wave to move toward the duo.“We survived but that was insane. We’re soaking wet and we were obviously way too close,” Bastyr said in the video above, which showed the scary event. “We knew that going into this. Our wives told us not to get close, but that was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”center_img Fortunately, both kayakers were okay after the incident, which left them shaken up for a couple of minutes.“What started as a peaceful glacier exploration at Spencer Glacier quickly turned into the biggest adrenaline rush of our lives,” Hooper wrote on Facebook. “We are so grateful to be alive and in total awe of the power of nature and that we got to witness this massive calving from Spencer Glacier.”More on Images From Space Capture the Death of a GlacierNASA Images Show New Lake Formed By Surging Glacier in PakistanGlaciers Have Lost More Than 9 Trillion Tons of Ice Since 1961last_img

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