Fire destroys building near fuel bond

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEssequibo fire that destroyed building near fuel bond electrical in originSeptember 5, 2017In “latest news”Avinash bond at LBI destroyed by fire – millions of dollars worth of goods went up in flamesMarch 14, 2016In “Local News”Update: Fire destroys buildings, vehicles in BerbiceFebruary 28, 2019In “Crime” – in EssequiboA fire of unknown origin on Sunday afternoon threatened a fuel bond at the head office complex of Francis Shurland and Sons Inc of Lot 13 Adventure, Essequibo Coast. Breaking out at around 15:30 hrs, the fire destroyed the first building in the compound, but fuel was stored in another building at the back of the compound.A staff member attached to the fuel bond had reportedly seen the fire breaking out and had immediately informed the Fire Station.Fire of unknown origin on Sunday afternoon broke out at the head office complex of a popular businessman on the Essequibo Coast, and for a while threatened mayhem because of the huge fuel tanks on the premisesWhen this online publication visited the scene, fire fighters were engaged in a valiant battle to extinguish the flames, and persons who flocked the scene in the neighbourhood were tight-lipped about the situation, but many were thankful the flames were extinguished before they had reached the huge fuel tanks at the back of the bond.The destructive power of the fireHead of the Anna Regina Fire Station, Clive Mc Donald, said an investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire. (Indrawattie Nathram) read more