When Is Medical Massage Appropriate?

first_imgFacebook37Tweet0Pin0 Shannon Monahan is the Office Coordinator at In Touch Therapy.You’ve just been in a car accident. Luckily, it was minor. No one appears to be hurt, and both vehicles seem to be in okay condition besides for a few minor scrapes. You exchange insurance (just in case), and carry on with your day – grateful that you hit the brakes when you did.Has this happened to you? If so, maybe you were lucky and didn’t feel any residual pain following the accident. But, even after an accident as minor as a small fender bender, the body can sustain an injury. Shannon Monahan is the Office Coordinator at In Touch Therapy in Olympia and she says it is important to remember that property damage has nothing to do with physical damage. “When you’re in an accident, all the energy from the accident gets distributed through you,” she says. Even if there is no visible damage on your vehicle, the impact from the accident can cause damage to your body.For individuals who have conditions or pathologies resulting from accidents and injuries that have been diagnosed by a physician, In Touch Therapy can often help alleviate pain and discomfort using the healing powers of massage therapy. Working together with more than 100-area doctors, In Touch Therapy’s experienced staff provides outstanding supplemental pain relief through massage practices to help you get back to feeling your best.And, finding out if you are a candidate for medical massage is as simple as asking your doctor. Once you receive a prescription for medical massage from your physician, you are ready to experience the healing, restorative powers of massage. And, because so many different types of insurance companies cover medical massage, chances are your plan will cover the service, making medical massage an affordable, natural approach to healing what ails you.Ready to get back to feeling good without undergoing expensive, time consuming surgeries? Talk to your doctor about how you can benefit from massage therapy, and learn more about In Touch Therapy by visiting their website here.last_img read more