Maracanazo: Uruguay secretly receives the World Cup

first_imgThere is no word in the world of soccer as similar to ‘surprise’ as ‘Maracanazo’.In the history of football, teams much worse than that 1950 Uruguay have beaten others with more experience than Brazil that same year, however, the circumstances and the environment that surrounded that last match of the 1950 Brazil World Cup made the term a concept for posterity.Far from what many believe, that was not a final as such. The last phase of that World Cup was considered as a league between the four best teams in the tournament (Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Sweden) but fate wanted the title to be decided in that last match at the Maracanã stadium, the heart of Brazilian soccer, between the Canarinha, great favorite and host, and Uruguay. Brazil was worth the tie to become champion.Brazil’s favoritism was so overwhelming that even FIFA underestimated a Uruguayan team full of stars like Schiaffino, Míguez and Ghiggia and that in its record of winning had a World Cup and eight Copa América. Jules Rimet, president of the highest organization in football, went down to the Brazilian locker room when the game was 1-1 to prepare the congratulatory speech for the hosts and until the match ended, he did not know what the result had been. “As I walked through the halls, the infernal shouting was interrupted. At the exit of the tunnel, a desolate silence dominated the stadium. Neither honor guard, nor national anthem, nor speech, nor solemn surrender. I found myself alone, with the glass in my arms and not knowing what to do. In the tumult I ended up discovering the Uruguayan captain, Obdulio Varela, and almost secretly I handed him the golden statuette “, Rimet relates in his memoirs. Brazil, which at the time usually dressed in white, had a selection full of stars of the time with Ademir and Zizinho at the helm, but in the months before the World Cup, it was clear that the difference between Canarinha and Uruguay was not so abysmal. They faced each other three times and the Charrúa won once. In the Maracanazo, Brazil went ahead in minute 2 thanks to Friaça and the stadium became a party. Schiaffino’s goal silenced the shouting a bit but the draw was worth to Brazil so the joy continued to reign in the stands. It was with Ghiggia’s goal (1-2) that everyone fell silent. “Only three people silence Maracana: the Pope, Frank Sinatra and me,” Ghiggia joked in more than one occasion over the years. And is not for less. Without a doubt, that was one of the most important goals in football history. Such was the impact that Brazil changed the white shirt for the verdeamarelha.last_img read more