Abelardo builds a Espanyol that is finally the winner

first_imgThe numbers make the Espanyol de Abelardo a reliable team and the wrongdoing of the beginning of the course has been left behind. The comparisons are sometimes odious, but the data obtained with David Gallego and Pablo Machín were unsustainable and hence the parakeets settled dangerously in the descent. Gallego was the first coach of this course and his only triumph in the eight days played takes on a miracle because he only managed to be ahead on the scoreboard in 59 minutes in the League. On the contrary, he was a total of 332 ’losing. One victory, two draws and five league losses defeated him and he thought of Machin as revulsive. But it made water. With him, it is true that he was ahead in 151 minutes during his ten league games, but he was in tow in 452 ’.With Abelardo there is hope. The most important thing is that he is trying to make the Galgo and Machín streaks forget. Between these two they were 210 ’winning (784’ losing). Abelardo has already been 157 ’with his Espanyol commanding. This team is a winner, as it is showing in all the games played. Abelardo’s arrival on the Espanyol bench has brought confidence and optimism. With him, the perico carbura team obtains results in LaLiga (he has added eight of 15 possible) and dreams of permanence. And the Asturian coach has managed to make this Espanyol, in the end, a winning block. The numbers confirm this because since he has taken over the blue and white team, he has added 157 minutes being ahead on the scoreboard and only 125 ’losing. In total, it has +32 ’.Abelardo premiered on January 4 against Barcelona (2-2) and has since endowed his team with defensive strength and Raúl de Tomás is giving him a lot of air in attack. His only defeat in the League came against Granada (2-1), but one of the positive aspects is that Espanyol has scored in the five meetings with Abelardo. And this has helped him to be a winning team because in just three games he has gone a few minutes behind on the scoreboard. He was falling 29 minutes against Barcelona, ​​52 ’against Athletic and 44’ in Granada. And the latter was the only time they failed to tie the duel. Spanishism relies on permanence and is that the current moment is good and the sensations, too.last_img read more

The costumes no longer believe in Setién: “Barcelona is doing great”

first_imgIt seems that the beginning of the disagreement between some players and the current technical staff began after the defeat against Valencia (2-0) in Mestalla on January 25.In any case They do not mainly blame Setién for the current situation of the team, but they point directly to those responsible for sports management. To the point that for some, the mistakes in the decision-making that were made after losing to Atlético de Madrid in the Saudi Supercup, have totally ballasted the team, to the point of “throwing the season”.Some players come to discuss until the change of Arturo Vidal in the Classic, considering it a mistake that led the team to defeat.And they added two more anecdotes to radiograph the current state of the template: He also had more than one problem in the matches when a player discussed a decision of his while refereeing and a player came to scoff at the absence of a member of his staff in a session, asking if training was optional that day. Barcelona has entered directly into auger. The institutional crisis, aggravated by the controversy of social networks, and the irregular march of the team, which was consumed last weekend with the tThe defeat of Quique Setién and the loss of leadership in favor of Real Madrid, has begun a tsunami of unforeseeable consequences.The first victim This absolute chaos has a name and surname: Quique Setién. According to ‘Catalunya Ràdio’, the Cantabrian coach is going through its worst moment since he landed in Barcelona 50 days ago. In fact, as they assured in the program ‘The Club of the Mitjanit’, Setién has stopped having the confidence of part of the costumes, to the point inside Some consider this project to be great for the coach. Phrases such as ‘these do not know how to take the boat’ or ‘this is great for them’ have been pronounced by some footballer in recent days, according to the station.last_img read more

Mbappé denounces being scammed

first_imgIn the spring of 2019, Mbappé’s Twitter account was already hacked to recommend a similar investment in it, recalls ‘L’Équipe’.According to French researchers, this type of plot uses the good image of celebrities to convince investors to put their money in this type of virtual currency. Through call centers located in Israel, they contact clients to convince them to invest, and when they do, they disappear without a trace.According to the Financial Markets Authority, in 2018 1,100 complaints of this type were received and fraud reached 55.5 million euros. Last year, the scammed figure was about 30 million.The researchers claim that cryptocurrencies have fallen somewhat into disuse and that scammers are now proposing investments in other products, such as great wines, matured wiskis or even dairy cows. Paris Saint-Germain French international striker Kylian Mbappé has filed a complaint about the use of his name in a cryptocurrency scam network, which is being investigated by French police.As published on Tuesday by the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’, the player denounced the use of his name and image without his permission in various advertising campaigns on the networks to incite participation in programs to acquire virtual currencies, such as bitcoin. Mbappé, 21, In these campaigns, he recommended these “miraculous” investments that “allow anyone to become a millionaire in just three or four months.”For this, they invented interviews with the striker in various media in which he assured that this opportunity had to be seized before the traditional banks permanently eliminated them.last_img read more

Stoichkov: “It would be fairer for the League to end as it was”

first_imgThe former player of FC Barcelona Hristo Stoichkov referred this Sunday to the possibility that leagues like the Spanish one cannot end because of the coronavirus and pointed out that “it would be fairer to end as it was“, although they would also have to raise the first two of Segunda.Stoichkov, who is “calm, with his family close“and asked” not to be afraid “but” discipline “in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said, in an interview on the Cope Network Playtime program, on the assumption that LaLiga does not resume, something that for him would end with Barça champion for going first when the competition stopped after 27 days. “If we see how the issue is, with the games that have been played, it would be fairer to end as LaLiga was. Below many could be saved, there are many parties. The league could stay as it is and no team goes down and the first two of the Second team can enter directly and have a league of 22Because they have also done a lot of work and won many games, “he said.last_img read more

Maracanazo: Uruguay secretly receives the World Cup

first_imgThere is no word in the world of soccer as similar to ‘surprise’ as ‘Maracanazo’.In the history of football, teams much worse than that 1950 Uruguay have beaten others with more experience than Brazil that same year, however, the circumstances and the environment that surrounded that last match of the 1950 Brazil World Cup made the term a concept for posterity.Far from what many believe, that was not a final as such. The last phase of that World Cup was considered as a league between the four best teams in the tournament (Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Sweden) but fate wanted the title to be decided in that last match at the Maracanã stadium, the heart of Brazilian soccer, between the Canarinha, great favorite and host, and Uruguay. Brazil was worth the tie to become champion.Brazil’s favoritism was so overwhelming that even FIFA underestimated a Uruguayan team full of stars like Schiaffino, Míguez and Ghiggia and that in its record of winning had a World Cup and eight Copa América. Jules Rimet, president of the highest organization in football, went down to the Brazilian locker room when the game was 1-1 to prepare the congratulatory speech for the hosts and until the match ended, he did not know what the result had been. “As I walked through the halls, the infernal shouting was interrupted. At the exit of the tunnel, a desolate silence dominated the stadium. Neither honor guard, nor national anthem, nor speech, nor solemn surrender. I found myself alone, with the glass in my arms and not knowing what to do. In the tumult I ended up discovering the Uruguayan captain, Obdulio Varela, and almost secretly I handed him the golden statuette “, Rimet relates in his memoirs. Brazil, which at the time usually dressed in white, had a selection full of stars of the time with Ademir and Zizinho at the helm, but in the months before the World Cup, it was clear that the difference between Canarinha and Uruguay was not so abysmal. They faced each other three times and the Charrúa won once. In the Maracanazo, Brazil went ahead in minute 2 thanks to Friaça and the stadium became a party. Schiaffino’s goal silenced the shouting a bit but the draw was worth to Brazil so the joy continued to reign in the stands. It was with Ghiggia’s goal (1-2) that everyone fell silent. “Only three people silence Maracana: the Pope, Frank Sinatra and me,” Ghiggia joked in more than one occasion over the years. And is not for less. Without a doubt, that was one of the most important goals in football history. Such was the impact that Brazil changed the white shirt for the verdeamarelha.last_img read more

Toña Is, of his future: “Training Real Madrid is a dream”

first_imgThey were difficult moments in the beginning. At first we had to endure insults and a lot of discrimination. Many good people have been lost along the way due to that situation. I am very proud to have lived through that stage because I see that what girls have today is thanks to people like me who have been fighting for women’s football for a long time. No one has given me anything and I am here on my own merits.As a player, she won a bronze medal in the Euro Cup. How do you remember that?We were a sweet expert. It was the first time that we qualified for a final phase and nobody believed in us. The truth is that that group really wanted to show that we were worth a lot.World Cup, European Cups … It seems that the Red is lucky, right?I do not know if I will be a talisman or not, but it is true that those triumphs had a lot of work behind them. No one gives you anything. Reaching a European or World Cup final is not easy.What was it like to win the U-17 World Cup?Every coach dreams of winning a World Cup. I can’t tell you what it feels like to lift a World Cup because it is indescribable. See you with the Cup and say ‘We are the best in the world’. I appreciate the effort, dedication and involvement of all the components of the staff and the players.Was such an impact expected after that title?I am very proud that thanks to that World Cup I think that women’s football has changed. It was a World Cup very often and people really liked how we played. I received many messages of congratulations, even when we were in Uruguay.Was it the best moment of your career?It was one of the best moments of my career, without a doubt. Just as it was to win the European Championship and also win the Spanish Championship with the Asturian National Team. This last one was my first big title as a coach and it was very special. Before it had won titles, but at the regional or territorial level.Did you always want to be a coach or was it something that came up without expecting it?I had to retire for family reasons and in recent years as a footballer I thought about becoming a referee, but I backed down. It was then that I decided to train as a coach. I wanted to continue to do my bit in women’s football.Was it difficult to combine being a coach with the police?At first I combined it because I could, but when the demand was higher I could not continue. I thank all the comrades and bosses in the Police for so many shifts changed. In June 2015 I was Pedro López’s assistant to the Icelandic European Championship, in which we won, and from that moment I realized that I couldn’t combine everything. They are many days away from home and it was unfeasible.And, did you give up being a police officer because of football?I have not given up being a Local Police. I had been an official for 22 years and am now on leave. I know that I have that job there and I have my place. It is like life insurance. I would have no problem if I have to go back. Right now I want to dedicate myself to soccer and I’m going to fight for it.Her fight has also had its award for being the first Spanish coach nominated for The Best, right?Yes. It was a reward for the work he had been doing for many years. I am delighted to have been a pioneer in many things. It is not easy to be on that list and more if you are from lower categories, but we got a World Cup and a European in the same year it is no coincidence.How do you see the new generations of players?There is a generation of footballers since 2000 that has been stomping. Spanish women’s football has a great future. I know young Spanish girls very well, from Aitana Bonmatí and Guijarro to many others. They have a lot of quality and there is a lot of future. María Antonia Is Piñera (Oviedo, 1966), known as Toña Is, is a pioneer in women’s football. As a footballer, he was awarded the bronze medal at the 1997 European Championship, the highest distinction achieved by the women’s team. After her retirement, she went to the bench, where in 2015 she became the first coach in Spain and in 2018 she won the U-17 World Cup, the only one in the showcases of Spanish women’s football It also added a World bronze in 2016 and one gold (2018) and two silver (2017 and 2016) in Europeans of lower categories.Some successes that earned her to be nominated for ‘The Best’ as coach in 2019, but that were not enough for her continuity in the Federation. Three months after her departure, the Asturian exclusively attends AS to review his brilliant career and talk about his future, the one that many link with Real Madrid Femenino. Toña, who has a leave of absence as a Local Police, blushes when she is related to the white club and assures that it would be an honor to also be the first woman on a Madrid bench.How is the confinement?Well. I try to be entertained. I collaborate with a coaches page, which is called Coach Academy, and I am taking advantage of free time to talk to other coaches. We are all a little nervous about the uncertainty with this health crisis. We do not know what will happen with the competitions, with the promotions and descents.What do you think of the model proposed by the FederationI hope it is done as fairly as possible and that it hurts the teams as little as possible.Right now he is without a team, how do you see his future?I would love to take a team from the First Iberdrola that can aspire to something. I am very ambitious and I go for all. I am looking for a team that has high aspirations. I have an offer on the table and I am seeing with my agent what are the best options.Are you worried about the fact that in Spain there is little commitment to the coaches?Unfortunately in Spain men are trusted more than women. Many doors are closed to us in the men’s teams and, on the other hand, they have the doors open in women’s and men’s soccer. Hopefully next year we will see more female coaches at Primera Iberdrola.His name sounds for big teams like Atlético or Real Madrid, how are you doing?I am very happy that the clubs value the work I have done and are interested in me. I am very happy that it is so. We are evaluating things and hopefully it will end in a large team.What would it be like to be the first coach in the history of Real Madrid?Go figure. Training Real Madrid is a dream, for me and for any coach. That Real Madrid make a women’s team and choose you as the visible head of that team is something very great.How do you see the arrival of Real Madrid in women’s football?It will help a lot. That Real Madrid, which is one of the best clubs in the world, bets on women’s football is very important. That step was needed. The First Iberdrola deserves that Real Madrid be in next year.You have won everything at the national team level, what dreams do you have in a club?I dream of winning a Champions League. I dreamed of lifting the World Cup and it was fulfilled. Dreams come true. You never know…In the midst of the rise of women’s football, do you give more value to your struggle in your beginnings as a footballer?last_img read more

The consent of the players to the tests will specify that there is no zero risk

first_imgPellicer (Málaga), on Canal Sur: “It is a time to unite”Meeting: “It is a situation of uncertainty and baffling. We must measure the words from our responsibility. Soccer is also a business. Right now there is a fear that is COVID-19 and we all have to go hand in hand and know that society, everyone, we live a society that no one imagined. On Friday we will have a meeting with LaLiga with the captains. It is a time to unite in the face of so much discrepancy. “Covenants: “The players were not there either, the real protagonists. You have to use the words well and be restrained. Everyone has their opinion. At a professional level we want to finish the competition. On protocols everything is being done on their part to be as safe as possible When there are so many people saying … If two people are already difficult to agree … “.Squad ready to play 72 hours: “This has never happened, it is not like when the players have just competed and go on vacation. The competition has been cut in the most important period, with everyone on a high peak. Those four weeks of training at the collective level is what we professionals understand to be the ideal before competing. Soccer is not pure mathematics ”.Stop: “More or less, what we could take into account. One makes a forecast. This is something totally unheard of, we do not know this cut on a physical and emotional level how it will be. There are many deceased and many people suffering. Anomalous situation. It will depend on the feedback we have with the players. Soccer is a collective, oppositional sport ”Meeting with LaLiga: “We theoretically have that meeting captains and coaches. Tomorrow we may have some information from our doctors. Each professional gives his opinion because it is a very delicate situation. You cannot play with health and not be populist. I have my wife who goes to work and I am also at high risk, like many people on a daily basis ”Player objector: “Personal situation and everyone is responsible for their actions. All we want is to have the players 100×100 physically and mentally. Cases have come up, we have direct contact with the staff, they have their doubts like everyone else, but they are a mature group and they hope that everything will be solved and that they will be in maximum security ”. LaLiga met today with the doctors of the First and Second professional clubs to inform them that the protocol they finished writing last week still stands in its entirety, despite complaints from footballers and coaches in recent days. Furthermore, they reported that they will continue to stick to the established plan, even with concentrations in sports cities or hotels before restarting the competition (the players press to at least cut the 15 days), and that they will begin to perform the famous tests on April 28 to check that the coronavirus does not ruin the plans to end the season.Players they will have to sign a consent to carry out the test in which they are warned that there is no zero risk in infections. This was confirmed in SER the doctor Rafael Ramos, President of the Association of Soccer Doctors.Irene Lozano, Secretary of State for Sport, stated that “it seems to me a little soon that the tests will be done on April 28, but I don’t deny it either“LaLiga has informed the doctors that it has already hired the private company SYNLAB to carry out the tests during that week. First the corresponding PCRs and then the serological tests and the rapid tests, although the latter are not as reliable. In fact, and as Isaac Fouto has advanced in the Cope, The employers have already asked the clubs for the lists of all the people who have to undergo these controls immediately. The idea, according to the sources consulted, is to be able to start training at sports facilities from the second week of May. Some doctors have asked questions that could not be fully answered, so they have asked that this information be sent to them soon.LaLiga also planned to meet this Wednesday with AFE to discuss everything related to health, but in the end the meeting has been postponed to Thursday. The footballers already made it clear in the meeting last Tuesday that, despite the pacts and reports written, they would only follow the instructions of Health.In the next few hours, surely on Friday, the employers, together with their health specialists, are scheduled to meet with the captains and the First and Second coaches. This has been confirmed by the Malaga coach, Sergio Pellicer, on Canal Sur: “On Friday we will have a meeting with LaLiga together with the captains.” LaLiga sources assure that this meeting has no time or day and there is no call, but several professional trainers confirm to AS that, for the moment, Friday is the day set.last_img read more

Monchi: 20 years, 20 transfers

first_imgPoulsen. First wonderful blond arrived from Schalke to Nervión, free, in the summer of 2006. Danish balance for the pivot, Juve bought it in 2008 for 10 million.Seydou Keita. More stability for the midfield and round business from 2007 to 2008. He arrived from Lens for 4 million and a year later he left for Barcelona for 14.Fernando Navarro. Commitment and versatility for the left-hander, he signed for 4.7 million for Mallorca in 2008 and lifted the Europa League as captain in 2015. Now he helps Monchi in the sporting direction.Ivan Rakitic. One of those market opportunities in January 2011, for 1.5 million and Schalke, where it was free. He left his mark in the Pino Montano neighborhood (his wife is from there) before going to Camp Nou in 2014, for 18 million. To return to.Coke. Another one of those footballers who convert squads into a team. It cost 1.2 million to Rayo, in the summer of 2011, and left in 2016 (to Schalke, go transfer) for 4 million and after scoring two goals against Liverpool for the 5th Europa League.Kondogbia. The now Valencianist is another one of those cases of maximum profitability. Signed with 19 years, for 4 million, and on the way to Monaco only a year later when paying his 20 clause.Bacca. How to bring in a 27-year-old striker from Belgium, no matter how many goals he scored there? Monchi did it in 2013 and took 49 goals from him before selling him to Milan in 2015 for 30 million.Vitolo. The magic also came from Segunda, from Las Palmas. It cost 3 million to reach internationality and the 36 that Atlético paid for this Canarian winger, who left when Monchi was not there, by the way.Krychowiak. One of those footballers who have performed in Nervión like nowhere else. Powerful Polish pivot bought from Reims for 5.5 million in 2015 and sold to PSG for 28.Banega. His career stalled in Valencia after several extra-sports errors and Monchi bet on him in 2014, for 2.5 million that today sounds like laughter. He has ruled the midfield of Sevilla in two stages with an impasse at Inter.Ben Yedder. 9.5 million euros cost him from Toulouse in 2016 and for 40 he went to Monaco last summer. The Franco-Tunisian striker almost never convinced but always scored, Monchi brand effectiveness. Today it is worth even more.Pablo Sarabia. Getafe’s descent in 2016 put him on a platter to Monchi for about 400,000 euros. His performance in goals and assists (70 in three seasons) made the 20 million that PSG paid for his clause seem very few.Ocampos. One of the last miracles of King Midas of soccer. Arrived from his Potosí, the French market, for the Argentine extreme 15 million were paid to Marseille last summer and it is already priced at least four times more. Julio Baptista. Monchi signed him as a defensive pivot for Sao Paulo in the summer of 2003, in exchange for 3.5 million. Caparrós converted him into second striker and, fifty goals and two campaigns later, the Beast ended up at Real Madrid multiplying its value to 20 million euros.Adriano Correia. A Dani Alves from the left wing and with lesser success, but not a little, in January 2005. This ambidextrous arrived from Coritiba for two million. Four and a half years and several titles later he also went to the Camp Nou multiplying his price by five.Kanouté. “Oh Kanouté, friend Kanouté”, composed El Arrebato for the farewell of what many consider to be the best striker in Sevilla’s history. No foreigner scored as many goals as the 136 scored by the Malian from 2005 to 2012. He came from Tottenham in exchange for 6.5 million and many said he did not see the door …Luis Fabiano. Frederic’s couple, nicknamed with a joke in their first bad months as ‘Luis Fallamos’. Porto transferred it and Sevilla would later buy it for 10 million. For many, the best Matador in Sevilla. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of May 1, 2020center_img At the end of April 2000, Roberto Alés, president of Sevilla, commissioned the transfer parcel from Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, the goalkeeper who had been and the delegate who was at that time the Nervión club. “There was not even for balls”, had said Alés of those hard moments in the history blanquirroja. The magic of the sports director turned Seville’s history around. These are 20 of his best, most profitable and significant signings at Sánchez Pizjuán.David Castedo. This slight left back arrived in the summer of 2000, free, unknown and at 1.61 tall from Mallorca. He grew up with European Sevilla until the captaincy and the first titles. It is the archetype of performance during the Monchi era: unknown, committed and very winning.Gerardo Torrado. The Mexican pivot cost in 2001 60,000 euros, coming from the Poli Ejido. It brought international impact and character. Then he would play three World Cups.Dani Alves. Their disorderly first races by the band, in 2002, caused stupor in Pizjuán. He arrived on loan from the Brazilian Bay in the summer of 2002 and was acquired for 550,000 euros in January 2003. In 2008, the best right-back of the 21st century and player with the most titles was sold to Barcelona for 45 million.last_img read more

Madrid shuffles a new salary cut of 30 percent

first_imgThe actual Madrid.That there isn’t a date to see the fields full (till the efficient therapy or the vaccine) is a drama for Madrid. It obtains an earnings of 54 million only for the membership charges and subscriptions. To have the museum closed It’s one other drama: three million folks go to it a yr and the doorway (along with the museum and the tour) prices a median of 20 euros. As for the shops generate 25 million per season and they’re additionally closed … Madrid is contemplating a new salary discount for the subsequent season of 30%. This low cost can be impartial from the 10% agreed for the present season with the workers and it could have an effect on, additionally, the excessive positions of the membership. However not the remaining of the employees (there are greater than 800). Madrid is just not the one membership that shall be compelled to make this discount to steadiness accounts. Different LaLiga majors additionally face it. Golf equipment that obtain proportionally extra income from merchandising and advertising and marketing ticketing are extra uncovered.The white entity has budgeted whole earnings for this season of 822 million euros. They’re damaged down into 4 foremost video games: 161 million for membership and subscriber charges and ticket gross sales, 109 for worldwide friendlies and competitions, 180 million for tv rights and 371 million for advertising and marketing. All these video games are severely threatened. If Madrid misplaced solely 20% of that earnings, which at this time is seen as one of the best state of affairs, 165 million euros would cease getting into. An issue, as a result of bizarre bills are 741 million.Slicing bills is due to this fact an obligation. Madrid now has a salary mass for the primary workforce of 283 million. If it have been decreased by 30%, the financial savings can be 85 million solely within the first template. Madrid estimates that it could avoid wasting 100 including 30% of the salaries of Castilla and of the nice managers.The accounts are quite simple for the gamers. Ramos and Bale cost probably the most, 14.5 million euros web. With the 30 percent downgrade, the 2 would find yourself charging 10 (they’d lose 4.3). This drop in wages shall be a widespread motion, too, within the nice groups of Europe. With out going any additional, PSG has already said that it intends to decrease the salaries of its stars by 50%. Barça executives and executives are working to arrange a funds for the subsequent educational yr, which shall be over 250 million lower than the one permitted for the present one and which is not going to be met. Laborious occasions and financial savings are coming. One of the chapters the place you’ll have to put the scissors probably the most is within the membership’s salary mass. Originally of this season with a funds of 1047 million, the membership had deliberate to dedicate 65 percent of it to salaries, that’s 680 million. The forecasts for subsequent yr are to decrease that 65 to 60 percent, however in a funds that shall be round 750 million. In different phrases, roughly 450 million can be devoted to wages, 230 lower than this season.center_img The Barca.In Barcelona the scenario is traced. Cardoner, one of its managers has already quantified what the losses shall be only for this season. “(…) round 50 million for the sale of tickets and its museum, 39 million euros for tv and between 20 and 25 million in retailer income …”. The Complete impression is already between 120 and 140 million euros, in keeping with Cardoner.last_img read more