Inside Nine Inch Nails’ Harrowing New Album, “Not The Actual Events” [Stream/Review]

first_imgTrent Reznor, the self made god of rage, is facing middle age and seeing the world through far calmer and wearier eyes on the newly released EP, Not The Actual Events. Nine Inch Nails personified the industrial music genre for most of America, with Reznor’s tortured vocals giving voice to the angst of a generation seeding the emo movement that followed. NIN’s formula of layered, clamoring beats, distorted instrumentation and breakneck tempo changes coupled with martyr complex imagery laden lyrics struck a chord in millions of disaffected souls.Time, as always, dampens the fires of youth, and even the patron saint of furious self loathing has found himself adrift and reflective on his latest release. Having slowly turned to more dark and expansive psychedelic scores on NIN albums, starting around the turn of the century, the music on the Not The Actual Events seems to come from a place of loss.Listen to the album below, and follow along with our full length review.“Branches/Bones” has the spacey disco beat and the waves of distortion of instrumental tracks we are used to, but the impetus behind the tracks sounds hollow. The build and release style that so exemplified the sound of most bands in the nineties is still present, but the peaks are far less grand and the valleys somehow less shallow. Gone is the wild abandon as Reznor flatly intones, “Parts of me are slowing down but time is speeding up.” When previous songs seemed to capture the firey pulse of a madman now we seem to be hearing the creaks of a man struggling to rise in the morning to face the day.On “Dear World,” he drones “I can’t concentrate,” a far cry from the mad focus of previous works. The sudden timing changes that, in the past served as much needed momentary respites from the jackhammer beats, now seem like chances for the artist to catch his breath. The unified hollowness of “She’s Gone Away” is impressive from a songwriting perspective. Based around a open and atmospheric low grade sonic howl, Reznor laments that he “Can’t get the feeling back” before repeating “She’s gone, she’s gone…she’s gone away.”“Idea Of You” (ft. Dave Grohl) seems to function as an approximation of an early era NIN song. Again the lyrical outlook spells out the conceit of the song, as the listener is asked to “Just go back, go back with me.” As the track unfolds it does seem that the old fires can be stoked when needed, though clearly the embers are weakening. The flames of creation are the focus of the final track on the EP, “Burning Bright (Field Of Fire).” Hiding his voice in echo and distortion has been a staple of Reznor’s work, but on this last track it seems to more embody the fading momentum of life. Dave Navarro also contributes to this last track.Though many musicians have helped Reznor realize his musical visions over the decades, it was always very clearly his pain and rage we were sharing. That he is also willing to open up about his current failings and fading passions is an impressive choice. The problem lies in the inherent lack of inspiration that comes from making music about losing interest, as it invites listeners to lose interest as well. Not The Actual Events is an unique take on aging from a completely unexpected source. At the bottom of the downward spiral there appears to be nothing but a vast bleak landscape that NIN finds themselves, lost and alone.last_img read more

John Mayer Defines “The Search For Everything” With New Life Beginnings [Full Album Stream]

first_imgJohn Mayer released The Search For Everything today, four years after his 2013 Paradise Valley. While the time gap is not suggestive of Mayer taking any sort of musical break, it’s clear, through these twelve tracks, that the time was spent working on himself. In a new interview with NPR, Mayer describes the destruction of fame, living in the public eye, and how he got over it. “Just die and come back to life,” he says emphatically.These new tracks paint the picture of an artist seeking to relate to the many, rather than the one. This is his “version” of a pop record, but he’s not writing pop music – per se. It’s a personal reflection not of his musical abilities, but of his inner quest to better himself. He speaks eloquently of the sparks of inspiration, finding himself writing pages and pages while standing in a bathroom, or spending Christmas alone in an RV in Joshua Tree, just purging. This record seems to be the culmination of these experiences, and the difficulties that have shaped his hardships. “Your true life exists in between the period of time where you stop being an ass and something kills you. That’s your life, and I just started my life,” he says.Listen to the record below:While several of these songs were released in February and have been displayed on his current tour, there were a few new tracks that explain a lot about Mayer’s contemporary moment.About “In The Blood,” he says, “I guess I made a deal with myself that if I was gonna go that honest on a song, I wasn’t gonna necessarily be a liability to it and color it in. But suffice to say that when I heard that one come back, it was like, holy — had a fist in the air.”He continues, “When you’re writing, you’re just trying to hear a part of yourself that you can identify — identify itself to you. When I listened to that back, it was like an anthem for me, about me, and I went — I just had a fist in the air for any time it would play, I’d just be like — there it is.”About “Theme from “The Search For Everything”, he explains, ” I wrote this instrumental on Christmas Day in Joshua Tree. … I had this RV, I drove it out to Joshua Tree ’cause I had nobody and nothing. I was like — I’m gonna go to Joshua Tree for Christmas, I’m not gonna be sad in an environment that reminds me of a thing I don’t have. I’m going out in the middle of nowhere. And I wasn’t sure why I went, and once I got there I was kind of upset. It was really windy, I was watching The Big Lebowski in the middle of nowhere. Nobody was there, there were no bonfires.”He continues, “I thought maybe there’d be bonfires and a world of disenfranchised people meeting together — nothing, it’s a parking lot. … I woke up Christmas morning, and I had brought my ProTools stuff and my little recording rig, and I just started playing the guitar. And I was staring at Jumbo Rock right out of the window of the RV, and I just sat there and played this melody. And then I forgot about it. And then I opened up my computer one day and played it back and I went, “Oh, this is beautiful.” ‘Cause I drove away from Joshua Tree going, “Nothing happened this week, this was some sad-sack stuff.” And then when I laid it out as a song and played it, I went, “Oh, this is gonna go in the middle of the record.”Mayer goes on to reveal: “I will say one more thing that people don’t know about the record. The record started with this poem, and the poem’s in the middle — there’s a much longer poem that you will see more of in the future.”“It says, ‘How sad it is that time should pass, her majesty the hourglass. We take the sand of bygone years and make mud of it with all our tears. What is now compared to then and will I ever love again? The answer to that question brings the endless search for everything.’ And the day I stood in a bathroom and I stood there for one hour … and I just kept writing, kept writing, kept writing, kept writing — and these little couplets and — and I was like, “Oh, that’s the mission statement for this record.”And here we are. John Mayer is very much John Mayer. He is not the pop icon he once was, he has not gone fully Grateful Dead, he is not trying to be Neil Young, or anyone else for that matter.Mayer is currently on his The Search For Everything websitetour, performing multiple sets with a full band, one with the Trio, and one acoustic. For more information, head to his .Read the full interview on NPR right here.last_img read more

PHOTOS: Mike Gordon’s 2018 Winter Tour Opens At Seattle’s Neptune Theatre

first_imgPhoto: Andrew Blackstein Photo: Dave Vann Load remaining imagescenter_img On Friday, February 9th at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA, Mike Gordon began a lengthy run with his solo outfit that will keep him on the road throughout the month of February, in addition to a handful of dates in March and April.The two-set show included runs through a number of songs from Gordon’s most recent album, 2017’s OGOGO, including “Crazy Sometimes”, “Steps”, “Equilibrium”, “Pendulum”, “Go Away”, “Marissa”, and “Let’s Go” as well as Overstep (2014) tracks “Jumping” and “Peel”, live Phish favorite “Destiny Unbound”, Max Creek‘s “Jones”, Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen‘s “Got To Be More Careful”, Rancid‘s “Ruby Soho”, and a new Leo Kottke cover, “Noon to Noon”. Gordon and company finished off the show with an encore performance of Aerosmith‘s “Sweet Emotion”.Below, you can check out a gallery of photos from Mike Gordon’s tour opener in Seattle courtesy of photographer Dave Vann.Mike Gordon’s solo tour continues tonight at the MontBlue Resort & Casino in Stateline, NV. For more information, or to check out a full list of upcoming dates, head here.SETLIST: Mike Gordon | Neptune Theatre | Seattle, WA | 2/9/18SET 1: Crazy Sometimes, Steps, Jumping, Got To Be More Careful [1], Equilibrium, Destiny UnboundSET 2: Jones, Go Away, Noon to Noon[1], Marissa, Ruby Soho, Victim, Let’s GoENCORE: Sweet Emotion[1] Mike Gordon debut.This show featured the Mike Gordon debuts of “Got To Be More Careful” and “Noon to Noon.” “Destiny Unbound” contained a “Live and Let Die” tease.[Cover photo via Dave Vann]Mike Gordon | Neptune Theatre | Seattle, WA | 2/9/18 | Photos: Dave Vannlast_img read more

Business Leader Touts “STAY-cation” Perks Of Chautauqua Region

first_imgImage via – A local business leader is recommending residents in Chautauqua County to take a “STAY-cation” this summer as several national destinations were added to the state’s quarantine list.Todd Tranum, President and CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce is highlighting several attractions that residents can take advantage of in our own backyard.“Soak up the sun and relax on the water on any of our fabulous lakes,” said Tranum in his weekly Chamber Corner letter to the community. “There are beaches available on Lake Erie, Chautauqua Lake, Findley Lake, and the Cassadaga Lakes. Marinas are readily available where you can rent a boat for the day and give your family a nautical adventure.”Image via says in addition to aquatic actives, residents can cool off by visiting local wineries, breweries, and distilleries. “You can sample and purchase some terrific locally made beverages,” explained Tranum. “Social distancing is still required, but some have outdoor venues and others have created outdoor spaces in order to make visitors more comfortable.”Tranum says if all those recreational activities aren’t enough, most local museums and attractions have reopened in capacity.“Spend some time touring the National Comedy Center, the Lucy-Desi Museum, any one of the fascinating local history museums or the Robert H. Jackson Center, and see great art at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute or one of the small local galleries located throughout our county,” said Tranum. “We urge you to call first or check their websites to learn about appointments and protocols.”Image via learn more about recreational and cultural experiences available in Chautauqua County, visit Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Tix Now Available for Joe DiPietro’s Clever Little Lies

first_img View Comments Related Shows Tickets are now available for Joe DiPietro’s Clever Little Lies off-Broadway. Starring Marlo Thomas, Greg Mullavey and Kate Wetherhead, who are reprising their roles from the world premiere at New Jersey’s George Street Playhouse in 2013, the show will begin previews on September 18. Opening night is set for October 14 at the Westside Theatre.Directed by David Saint, Clever Little Lies follows a family with a mother who always knows what’s happening among her flock. As their son struggles under pressure from his overbearing mother, a confidence is shared between father and son that escalates into an unexpected family disclosure that could change their entire dynamic.The production will end its limited engagement on January 3, 2016. Clever Little Lies Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 24, 2016last_img read more

Judge Campbell retires from the Second District

first_imgJudge Campbell retires from the Second District Raymond T. (Tom) Elligett, Jr. Special to the News In January, Judge Monterey Campbell “retired” from the Second District Court of Appeal, taking a position as a senior judge on the court on which he served longer than any other judge to date. Appointed to the Second District in 1980, Judge Campbell’s length of active service exceeded Judge Paul Danahy’s record during the summer of 2000.Judge Campbell was born in Bartow in 1930, with the Great Depression underway. During his second year at the University of Florida, Judge Campbell’s father died, the day after turning 45. This left Judge Campbell as the man of the house for his 5-year-old brother.Judge Campbell worked in the Bartow phosphate mines during the summers to pay for college. He recalls that he could make enough in the summer to pay for tuition, books, room and board about $900 in the early 1950s. Working in the mines provided an added incentive to do well in school.When home for the holidays, he worked firing the citrus groves when the winters turned cold. Citrus was a recurring theme in Judge Campbell’s career he served as general counsel for the Florida Citrus Commission from 1969 to 1980.A “double Gator,” Judge Campbell obtained his undergraduate degree in 1952 and his law degree in 1954, working as an assistant law librarian to pay for law school. After serving on active duty in the Air Force, Judge Campbell began practicing law in a small firm in 1956.While emphasizing business law and civil trial practice, Judge Campbell also served as a part-time prosecutor, first as Bartow city prosecutor and then for Polk County. In 1971, he successfully prosecuted Irene Maxcy Wells, who received a life sentence for perjury. Wells had been granted immunity from prosecution for the murder of her husband, Sebring citrus millionaire Charles Von Maxcy, in exchange for her testimony against her lover, with whom she claimed to have hired Boston hit men to kill her husband. When Wells changed her testimony during her lover’s second trial, she was prosecuted for perjury, and received the maximum sentence for perjury in a capital case.In the mid-1970s, Judge Campbell prosecuted the notorious “Ski Mask Gang” for their 18-month rampage of murders, rapes and robberies in Central Florida. When the authorities received word before the trial was to begin that someone had threatened to kill the prosecutor, they insisted on ringing Judge Campbell’s house with armed guards and providing a police escort to the courthouse, complete with a plane overhead.Judge Campbell and his wife of 45 years, Lee, have three children: Edward, Hank and Beth. Hank practices law in Lakeland and recalled in a 1986 article that his father worked long hours while they were growing up, but made it a point to attend the children’s special events and arrange trips often to away Gator football games. Even after taking the bench, Judge Campbell continued to stay active in his church and served as an advisor to local Chamber of Commerce leadership programs.Several themes run through Judge Campbell’s career in private and public service to the law. Many people echo his family’s observations that he is a hard worker. Colleagues and adversaries remark on his quiet, thoughtful approach to practicing law, which carried over to his service as judge.Judge Danahy points to Judge Campbell’s insightful questions that go to the core issues of the case and the intellectual honesty in his opinions. He also emphasizes Judge Campbell’s warmth and generosity with his time in the court’s collegial setting, which he notes is important.Former law clerk and now Tampa lawyer Larry Rayburn also cites Judge Campbell’s dedication to the court and the “court family.” Judge Campbell would take the time to teach his clerks, explaining why the panel was reaching the decision in a case. Rayburn recalls a case where Judge Campbell and former Judge (and later Justice) Stephen Grimes were on the panel and disagreed over a point. They spent the afternoon together in the library looking for law to support their respective positions.Lakeland attorney Bob Trohn, a UF classmate, speaks of Judge Campbell as a man of incisive ability and the highest principles, observing he has a great regard for the law and legal process. When asked if he could recall any stories from their days attending UF, Trohn said, “No, we were pretty quiet.”Democratic Gov. Bob Graham appointed Judge Campbell to the Second District, and he took office February 8, 1980. In what today might seem like a remarkable bipartisan effort, in 1990 the Republican members of Florida’s Congressional Delegation recommended Judge Campbell for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. President Bush ultimately selected Clarence Thomas for the seat.Two years later, Republican Senator Connie Mack submitted Judge Campbell’s name for a seat on the 11th Circuit. President Bush picked a nominee not on Mack’s list, who was later rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee.Perhaps a product of his deliberative approach to law, Judge Campbell says he often questions if his analysis of an issue is correct. And he expresses concern over some people who are too sure they have the right answer and are prone to making inflammatory comments to the media.Judge Danahy observed that Judge Campbell has also been generous with his time in serving the Bar and the public. While on the Second District Court, Judge Campbell has chaired the Florida Bar Judicial Administration, Selection and Tenure Committee, and served on the Judicial Nominating Procedures Committee and the Appellate Rules Committee. Judge Campbell chaired the Florida Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Local Rules. He served as president of the Conference of District Court of Appeals Judges, which also elected him to represent the conference on the Florida Judicial Council (now the Judicial Management Council). In 1995, then-Chief Justice Grimes appointed Judge Campbell to serve on the Judicial Management Council. In a 1999 interview, Judge Campbell identified the advances in technology as the major change in the court during his 20 years there. He recalls that when he arrived at the court, before full computerization, he used to keep track of opinions in a notebook. Recently while working on a matter with his clerks, he told them he thought the court had addressed the issue before. The clerks spent the morning searching for the apocryphal case without success. Wondering if the case was old enough to be in his book, Judge Campbell looked back and found it in 20 minutes. For whatever else this may illustrate on the power of the mind over computers, it also proves that when a senior lawyer tells a younger one that “I remember a case on this point,” the veteran might be right.Judge Danahy remarks that Judge Campbell’s retirement is a loss to the court, but this loss is tempered by his willingness to serve as senior judge.In addition to sitting as a senior judge, Judge Campbell plans to spend time with his wife at their house in North Carolina, travel and continue to attend Gator football games. He hopes to return to the golf course when his torn rotator cuff heals. Through one activity or another, he plans to stay active, a goal that won’t surprise anyone who knows him.Hardworking, thoughtful, intelligent and considerate: characteristics that would look good on any judicial resume. Judge Campbell brought these and more to the Second District. He has earned whatever time off he decides to take. January 1, 2001 Regular News Judge Campbell retires from the Second Districtlast_img read more

Walking the tightrope of service and risk management

first_imgMaintaining auto insurance coverage is what most would consider “old news.” For borrowers and lenders alike, it is a necessary investment that protects all invested parties from experiencing loss. Specifically for lenders, getting borrowers to comply with the terms of their auto loan contract is particularly critical as a breach of contract could have an adverse effect on your bottom line.However, what many lenders are learning is in light of COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty that has accompanied the shutdown of many businesses and industries across the country, many consumers are under significant financial duress. Financial hardship measures have been put in place to support consumers, providing payment extensions and loan forbearance options, but with an economic future that is wrought with uncertainty, there is a high likelihood that insurance coverage—and the subsequent tracking and placement of collateral protection insurance (CPI)—will be impacted.Walking the TightropeFrom a financial institution perspective, balancing risk with your member service is much like walking a tightrope. Given the current state of affairs in our economy, financial institutions are certainly being sensitive to the financial stress some of their borrowers are experiencing; however, they are not immune to auto loan portfolio risk. Some of the risk management-related concerns my financial institution clients have expressed include: ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

Do This: Long Island Concerts & Events October 1 – October 7

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Walk For BeautyTime to put your best feet forward and help eradicate breast cancer in the process. This beautiful walk will be in a beautiful place for beautiful people. Cancer survivors, town officials and sponsors will all be participating, bonding together for this most important effort. A ceremony will include the release of birds with messages symbolizing the hope in the fight against breast cancer. Come out and support the fight! Check first for any weather-related changes. 111 Main St., Stony Brook. 2 p.m. October 1.African American Film FestivalThis 10th annual festival will be showcasing African American films, along with performers. Its opening night movie will be Martin, Malcolm, and Me, and this multicultural celebration will surely be a deeply moving, inspirational cinematic spectacular to remember! Southampton Arts Center, 25 Jobs Lane, Southampton. Prices Vary. Times Vary. October 1-4.Long Island FairWeather permitting, there will be games, face painting, vendors, food, refreshments, and entertainment–this weekend promises to be an unforgettable one. Celebrating its 173rd year, this annual fair and Long Island-centric extravaganza has only grown in prominence, diversity, and fun, fun, fun! Come discover the reason why it is here every year, this an uber-mega weekend loaded with activities and festivities for everyone! Check first for any last-minute changes due to the forecast. 1303 Round Swamp Rd., Old Bethpage. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. October 2-4.Legends of the Fall Volume 2This is a hip-hop smorgasbord you simply do not want to miss; in fact, we’re salivating and tap-tap-tapping our feet along to the beat just as we write this blurb! Hip Hop Hall of Fame is presenting the most hop-penning party in town, featuring true hip-hop legends EPMD, Rakim, Biz Markie, Onyx and many other simply mesmerizing artists! It will undoubtedly be a party that you can not miss. NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury. $84.75. 8 p.m. October 2.Rubix KubeKicking it all the way back to the ’80s (what a decade, heh!?), this tribute band is ready to make you feel like you are back in time, all night long. This totally rad performance is going to be making you dance throughout the night, and possibly even bust out a few old-school Madonna moves! What?? Lol. The Emporium, 9 Railroad Ave., Patchogue. $10-$12. 8 p.m. October 2.Tribal GamesReturning to Suffolk Theater, this fitness competition is unlike any other one. Witness these intense competitors from around the globe battle to the finish, pushing the very limits of their bodies and souls. At the very least, this muscle-bound showcase of the biggest and strongest will motivate you to hit the gym the next morning. Okay, maybe not, but could you at least consider making it your New Year’s resolution next year to put down that cannoli and cupcake and at least try to move a lil, maybe shake a lil, out on the dance floor or something? You’re welcome. The Suffolk Theater, 118 East Main St., Riverhead. $25-$40. 8 p.m. October 2.Valentino Celebrity Birthday BashBaby Rasta Y Gringo and Alex Sensation are here to make you feeling that tingling sensation at their birthday bash, the greatest way to spend your Friday night. Will there be laughs? Surely. Dancing? Will there be dancing? Most definitely. Will there be birthday cake to eat and enjoy with friends!? Only one way to find out! The Space at Westbury, 250 Post Ave., Westbury. $30. 9 p.m. October 2.Levittown Fall Family Festival and Street FairThis 10th annual famous fair, filled with laughter and enjoyment, is absolutely packed with vendors and fall activities of all shapes and sizes. This special day so filled with making memories, crafts, and much more, is a must-go-to celebration of the very first suburbia! Smile those gorgeous grins wide, and hold those balloons tight! Check for any schedule changes due to the weather forecast. 2890 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. October 3.Irish Day Parade & FestivalGet your Irish on, in style, and surrounded by other Irish folk from all across Long Island! Yes, there will be food. Yes, there will surely be cold beverages, perhaps even the kind that come with the rims dipped in tasty cinnamon! Of course, there will also be fun, and a whole lot of it! This lucky day is finally here for all us Irish folks! Come celebrate your heritage and dance, dance, dance! (The Irish jig, of course!) Long Beach. Check for any weather-related changes. 11 a.m. October 3.Charged! Contemporary artist Lorraine Nuzzo explores this concept with vivid abstract paintings that reveals her inner-most feelings with her latest series. With a combination of colors, lines, texture, shapes and composition, Nuzzo’s Charged! conveys an emotional state that grabs the viewer’s attention. Since the viewer is not distracted by meaningful images, one’s mind is stirred into feeling the energy and spirit of each painting, leaving its interpretation to the viewer’s unbounded imagination. Runs through Oct. 25 after the opening reception. b.j. spoke gallery, 299 Main St., Huntington. Free. 6 p.m. Oct. 3.TheoTime to shaky, shaky, shake that thang! Performing his music talents with you at the Saturday Night Live Party, this performance is going to have you dancing all night long! The Emporium, 9 Railroad Ave., Patchogue. $15-$20. 10 p.m. October 3.Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline TributeThe Man In Black is alive and well and singing his heart out in Patchogue. Well, his spirit is, anyway, as it is in the hearts and souls of all of us. Terry Lee Geoffee will dress in black and sing his heart out to resurrect Johnny’s love to the masses. Will he sing “Ring of Fire”? Probably. “I Still Miss Someone”? Hmmm. Maybe. “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog”? Unlikely, but only one way to find out! Josie Waverly will likewise knock out all in attendance with her unbelievable reincarnation as Patsy Cline! Amazing! Long live Johnny Cash! Vive Patsy! Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, 71 E. Main St., Patchogue. $18 +Fees. 8 p.m. October 3.The Fast LaneThis Eagles Tribute Band sounds exactly like the actual Eagles. Exactly? Well, pretty darn near close to it, okay. Performing all their classics, you will most definitely feel like you are right there witnessing the real Eagles, live. Expect a triumphant rendition of the Eagles staple, “Hotel California,” for sure. The Suffolk Theater, 118 East Main St., Riverhead. $35. 8 p.m. October 3.London EyesThese alt-rock hellraisers hail from Connecticut, and formed just a year ago. Their first EP was released this past January and they are bound to blow the roof off Amityville. So get ready to rock! Revolution Bar and Music Hall, 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville. $10-$12. 4:30 p.m. October 3.DriveThis Cars tribute band recreates all the hits, all the nuances, all the insanely passionate lyrics and guitar licks and rhythm of the legends themselves. Performing their hit singles and immersing all those in attendance in a high-energy atmosphere, these throwbacks will have you singing all night! Revolution Bar and Music Hall, 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville. $10-$13. 9 p.m. October 3.Yacht Rock RevueWhat started in a basement is now onstage, and this is your chance to experience the greatest 1970s light-rock tribute band in existence. “Wow!” you say. “That’s some amazing introductory blurb.” Well, it’s true! They’re just sooo fantastic! Come and see what all the hype is about for yourself! The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $20-$55. 9 p.m. October 3.Russell PetersAppearing for just two nights only, this Canadian comedian will have you laughing all day, all night, and many, many more days and nights to come. He’s the first funnyman to sell out Toronto Air Canada Centre and will definitely be selling out his upcoming shows here, so get those tickets now and be prepared to laugh, laugh, laugh! NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollor Rd., Westbury. $84.75. 8 p.m. October 3 & 4.Craft and Gift FairVendors, gifts, crafts, and food, a day that only comes once a year! Come peruse the many arts and crafts and feast on the delicious street food! Come sip fresh, piping-hot coffee with a loved one! Come laugh among your loved ones and glance up at that gorgeous blue sky and recognize how unbelievably remarkable it is to be alive! Weather permitting. Check first. 999 Old Country Rd., Plainview. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. October 4.SMA Walk-n-RollThis beautiful, one-mile walk along the Long Beach Boardwalk is exactly the best way to spend your Sunday morning, and it’s also in honor of a truly terrific cause. There will be games, face painting, a raffle, refreshments, and also an amazing chance of connecting with SMA families. Come share hope. Come make a difference.Come to Long Beach. Weather permitting. 10 a.m. October 4.Walk for AutismThis phenomenal walk is a great way to show your support and help raise much-needed funds for people living with Autism. The day is filled with entertainment, games, refreshments, and most importantly, love and compassion. People are signing up, so get your team together fast, as team spirit is greatly encouraged and hope is omnipresent! Check for any weather-related schedule changes. Field 5 at Jones Beach, 1000 Ocean Pkwy., Wantagh. 9 a.m. October 4. Help Create The World’s Largest Human Peace Sign – For John Lennon’s 75th BirthdayYoko Ono is organizing this special record-breaking gathering in commemoration of her late husband and Beatles great John Lennon’s 75th birthday on October 9th. Dubbed “Imagine Peace: Guinness World Records Attempt Largest Human Peace Sign,” join up to 10,000 others in creating what will be the largest human peace sign ever amassed, to be photographed from a helicopter, and to set a new world record. Join the nonprofit John Lennon Educational Tour Bus while you’re there. So let’s come together and give peace a chance, shall we? After all, as Press Music Critic Zack Tirana oft says, usually in the presence of really great Greek food: “All you need is love.” [Read About John Lennon’s Little-Known Time Living On Long Island HERE] Central Park, NYC. East Meadow (entrance on 99th St. & 5th Ave.). Free; donation suggested. Register HERE. 10 a.m.-1 p.m. October 6.Creative Collab TourThis mega-mondo musical montage gets all your favorite artists together in one show for a truly captivating, high-octane, moving and fun performance. Matthew Espinosa and special guests Jake Fourshee, Brandon Bowen, Chris Miles and Alec Bailey are going to rock it all night long! This recurring tour is always an outstanding hit! The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $35-$200. 6:30 p.m. October 7.Warren HaynesPerforming with the Ashes & Dust Band and Justin Townes Earle, this legendary, Grammy Award-winning artist has been recognized the world over for his unforgettable guitar playing, singing, and performing, especially as a six-string slinger with The Allman Brothers. This is truly the chance of a lifetime to catch such an unbelievable star in such an amazing, intimate venue. [Read The Press’ Interview With Legendary Allman Brothers Guitarist Warren Haynes HERE] The Space at Westbury, 250 Post Ave., Westbury.” target=”_blank”> $38-$58. 8 p.m. October 7.—Compiled by Chelsea Russell, Timothy Bolger and Zachary B. Tirana IIIlast_img read more

Istra Outdoor Experience once again showed how our tourism should be developed

first_img“In most cases, people are against such partnerships because they think they are in competition. But we are not competitors, we are partners. I don’t have horses and I will never have them, he has no quads and he certainly has no intention of ever buying them. Everyone works in their own segment, no one interferes in anyone’s business, but if we work together, we all get better. The guests are very satisfied because that way they get an all-day activity and can try out all the activities. It is not clear to us why everyone is surprised by this. We have been doing this for more than 10 years. We have set a fair and correct agreement at the start and that is why our cooperation is of high quality and we believe that it will work for many years to come.Says Draguzet. What does the IOE team do that others don’t? – The answer to this question is a new tourist product. And this through the provision of outdoor activities; wine, brandy, liqueur tastings, as well as organizing and serving food in small groups directly in nature outdoors, thus giving the guest a complete destination experience and safety again due to the current health situation. Another important lesson for all those involved in tourism. We don’t need one giant, for example “Agrokor”, where everything has one, but we need 100 little ones who ultimately make up the same story. But with one significant difference. The distribution of money goes down to the local level to hundreds of families. Local workforce. Local family farms. keep going down it’s sustainable development. Everyone lives directly or indirectly from tourism. They all earn well and have a high quality of life. Just turn the story around, that only one has all 15 RES services and products. Namely, the representatives of the Istra Outdoor Experience team gathered last Thursday at the Multimedia Center Barban with the aim of developing a program for launching tourism in the post-crisis period. 1 + 1 is not 2, but 15 Istra Outdoor Experience (IOE) is one of the best correct examples in Croatia of how tourism should be developed. This is a story of strategic development, synergy, micro-entrepreneurship and smart thinking about tourism and destination development. This is exactly the meaning of tourism. Offer quality, different and authentic content. This is exactly the “holy grail” of how to extend the tourist season. And the most important thing is to increase tourist consumption, which does not encourage imports, but quite the opposite – goes down to the local economy. Not to one, but to as many micro-entrepreneurs as possible. This closes this magical sustainable tourist circle. So people stay on their land and in rural areas. So we have a unique tourism product. “Through all the years of our cooperation, we concluded that together we are “stronger” and we managed to raise tourism in the Barban region to a higher level and influence the extension of the tourist season, because in the pre-season and post-season it is not enough to offer only “sun and sea”, but in combination with all these activities, these seasons are ideal for such activities because Istria has an ideal climate because the winters are not too cold, so we can work practically all year round, which is a rarity in other parts. Our motto is: MORE, BETTER, STRONGER!”Concludes Draguzet. Encouraging innovation in tourism, elaboration of marketing strategies and business networking were just some of the topics of the Anti-corona meeting, by which the IOE team wants to revive the numb tourism sector caused by the corona situation. Therefore, at the meeting of Istra Outdoor Experience, they especially emphasized the additional networking and connection of all activities in tourism in the Istrian County and approaching users through digital channels as the best solution to the new situation. Moreover, at the meeting they expanded their cooperation with new partners. Istra Adventure, Glavani Park, Ranch Barba Tone, Konoba Vorichi, Camp Dvor and Travel Istria, as the founders of this informal organization, say that the opportunity should be taken out of the post-crisis situation as it was at the very beginning of their partnership 10 years ago. it is a challenge to provide of a different tourist product due to an uncertain period. Balm for my ears, and the key word is – to act. Yes, we all have to start from ourselves and act. And not waiting for a “miracle”. This is the first prerequisite for starting some things from the deadlock. If anyone needs to get all possible support (from the Ministry of Tourism, CNTB, the system of tourist boards, counties, etc. u) in our tourism, it is the team around RES. IOEs are proof that synergy is possible in the destination among micro-entrepreneurs (“competitors”) and an example of tourism as it should be in Croatia. We must certainly emphasize once again, as every year the IOE invites travel agencies and private renters to meet them and join them in their story, so that together they can all be stronger and offer a better and most importantly – a sustainable and complete tourist product. . Also, not everyone can learn in the entire IOE network or association, and the only criteria are quality, synergy and whether they want to work with everyone under the same conditions.center_img “As the above-mentioned situation is changing day by day not only in the Republic of Croatia, but also in the European Union and the rest of the world, we must act, primarily reasonably and not only expect economic change, but do everything in our power to create the preconditions to make that change happen. We won’t get anything from waiting”Pointed out Mladen Draguzet from Istra Outdoor Experience. Taught by good experience when the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj, Mljekara Latus, Pršutana Jelenić, OPG Žminjski gušti and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Marčana from Krnica Boat Excursions and Konoba Da Rocco, Istra Outdoor joined the team in January this year. The experience team decided expand cooperation with new partners – OPG Frane, In Sylvis wines and Beach bar Cadena who expressed interest in working in a team. Responding to changing trends in the tourism sector is certainly easier through joint action. Therefore, a positive step in the work of this team is the conclusion of new collaborations with partners who perform various activities and the creation of a new tourism product. And in this crisis, I could not expect the status quo from the IOE, but again something different and proactive. And they did not disappoint, in fact, they delighted me again. / / / ISTRIA OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE EXAMPLE OF TOURISM DEVELOPING STRATEGICALLY. THE MAGIC WORD IS SYNERGY I can give many examples, but here’s a plastic one all clear. One grows wheat, the other has a mill, the third makes bread, the fourth buys this homemade bread, the fifth makes pasta, the sixth makes sauce, the seventh grows mushrooms, the eighth grows cows, the ninth “continue the series”. Such a value chain is imperative today. Of course, big capital does not see interest here, because logically and quite justifiably, it wants to consolidate everything under one cap in order to reduce costs, be more efficient and to complete the whole process. But, in this story, it is much more efficient for the development of the local community and even the state, and not the individual. The positive impact can be concretely measured through various factors, from economic to immigration from rural areas. But we will do that in more detail on another occasion. “By enriching the tourist offer and networking, the Istra Outdoor Experience team strengthens the recognition and position of Istria as a destination in all European and world markets. “Concludes Draguzet. So logical, natural, sustainable and simple. It is the base and skeleton of tourism. Certainly an example as a positive case study for all students of tourism management, in fact, as well as a practice for students to experience in a practical way which means the strategic development of the destination. “Now we have gathered all the partners, in fact we have expanded our cooperation with new partners, and we have all made programs that can be carried out outdoors as much as possible. So, in addition to adrenaline content, we also have lunch with our partners in the olive grove, dinner in the vineyard and all tastings in the open air ” Draguzet pointed out. Istra Outdoor Experience is an informal association of companies in the municipality of Barban that offer active holidays, and bring together 15 partners, and thus together make a unique quality tourist product in Croatia. PS Hotels, agencies, renters… you have excellent quality tourist content. Content that is crucial for extending the tourist season, raising tourist spending (which remains at the local level) and raising the level of tourist satisfaction with our destination. An example of RES is the base, foundation and skeleton, and the rest is an upgrade. Just like when we build a house, we need to have a strong and healthy foundation. In conclusion, as always, it’s all up to ourselves. We must not look only at ourselves, but we must look at the bigger picture. Either we want to develop tourism strategically and sustainably or not.last_img read more

Transborders pens joint study agreement for FLNG solution with Mitsui

first_imgPerth-based Transborders Energy has signed a joint study agreement with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) to further develop its floating LNG solution and pursue its deployment on a range of stranded offshore gas resource opportunities.Source: TransbordersTransborders said on Monday that its FLNG solution provided a pre-determined 1.3 mtpa FLNG development concept with a package of streamlined commercial and regulatory approval framework, including LNG buyers, to gas resource owners.The company’s chairman Jack Sato stated: “We are very pleased to welcome MOL as a strategic partner to our FLNG solution. In addition to Kyushu Electric Power Company in Japan, participation of MOL, a world-class major shipping line, will definitely underpin Transborders’ business model and strengthen the development of our venture.”Through this JSA, Transborders will collaborate with MOL on conducting technical pre-FEED with partners TechnipFMC and Add Energy.The duo will also pre-negotiate key commercial terms of the FLNG solution with existing study partner Kyushu Electric Power, TechnipFMC, and Add Energy, and pursue the deployment of the FLNG solution on stranded gas resource opportunities.Upon completion of the Transborders’ FLNG solution development work at the end of 2019, Transborders said it would be in a position to convert a range of stranded gas resources into ‘project sanction (FID) ready’ state within 24 months after FLNG solution deployment, while also allowing LNG buyers access to competitive LNG supply sources.It is worth noting that Transborders’ FLNG solution development work obtained a “Major Project” designation from the Australian Federal Government in March 2018.Spotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email. Also, if you’re interested in showcasing your company, product or technology on Offshore Energy Today please contact us via our advertising form where you can also see our media kit.last_img read more