Golazos galore: the 25 best goals from the golden era of Serie A

first_imgGenoa Serie A’s unlikely top goalscorers: from Michel Platini to Luca Toni Read more Facebook Facebook Alvaro Recoba’s left foot had so much force it could have generated enough electricity for a small village. Not many footballers can claim to upstage Ronaldo at any point in their careers, let alone when making their first appearance in European football as a 21-year-old. Recoba belongs to an exclusive club of one. Thrown on with Inter losing 1-0 at home to newly promoted Brescia, the Uruguayan changed the match. To even contemplate shooting from that distance was outrageous, but Recoba specialised in the outrageous. He could score from anywhere inside the opposition’s half. The ball rockets – you will never find a goal that suits that word so well – into the top corner. To show that it was no fluke, five minutes later he majestically curled the ball into the other top corner from a similar distance. Alvaro Recoba, you wonderful, inconsistent little maverick.2) Zinedine Zidane, Reggina v JUVENTUS, 1999-2000A goal that contains all the hallmarks of classic Zinedine Zidane: the tight control, the delightful elegance, the spatial awareness and the ability to glide from his left foot to his right foot. The build-up is mesmerising: the outside-of-the-boot flick to Del Piero from the throw-in, the charge to the edge of the box, the way he drags the ball back and shifts it on to his left foot in one glorious movement while taking three Reggina defenders out of the game. The finish was also magnificent: an emphatic strike that gave the keeper no chance.1) Roberto Baggio, Juventus v BRESCIA, 2000-01 Share on Facebook Ronaldo at 40: Il Fenomeno’s legacy as greatest ever No9, despite dodgy knees Alvaro Recoba, the man with the electric left foo. Photograph: Giampiero Sposito/Reuters The cross from Francesco Moriero is marvellous but the goal is all about Ronaldo’s pace: that blistering, explosive, unhinged pace that defined this Ronaldo. Witnessing him during his golden period, which ended at the World Cup final, was a joy. As Moriero strikes the ball, Ronaldo is just about level with Ibrahim Ba and several yards behind Marcel Desailly. Yet, by the time he reaches the ball to lob it over the onrushing Sebastian Rossi, both players are in the dust. Other Ronaldo goals might have been technically superior but this one perfectly encapsulates pre-injury Ronaldo. Il Fenomeno indeed. Read more Share on Pinterest Read more Facebook Share on Messenger Internazionale Read more Pinterest Pinterest Share via Email Twitter How Sven-Goran Eriksson’s Lazio won the great Serie A title race of 1999-2000 Batistuta celebrates after scoring against Napoli. Photograph: Getty Images Read more Raw, animalistic, violent. Not words usually associated with brilliant footballers, but for Gabriel Batistuta, they’re completely warranted. He was the deadliest striker of the period by a long distance. His goals came by such brute force that you almost felt sympathy for the opposing goalkeeper standing in the way of the ball. With the possible exception of Siniša Mihajlović, nobody could strike a ball as ferociously as Batistuta. While Roberto Baggio would delicately place the ball into the corner of the net, as if gently twisting a knife into a person’s back, with Batistuta it felt like he was bludgeoning hapless goalkeepers over the head, time and again. Yet there was a beauty in the visceral brutality of his goals. Nobody could display unrelenting power quite like him.10) Andriy Shevchenko, MILAN v Juventus, 2001-02On first viewing this looks like a fluke, as if Andriy Shevchenko has just overhit a cross that accidentally looped over Gigi Buffon into the top corner. However, watch it several more times and you can clearly see he his intentions, for there was nobody to cross to.An overlooked facet of the Ukrainian’s game was his ability to skip past players; Shevchenko was deceptively fast and this goal epitomises his qualities more than most. He races away from a peak Edgar Davids and skips past Mark Iuliano and Gianluca Pessotto like he’s a kid on the school playground.He takes several glances up during all of this and places the ball in the only pocket of space available. No matter what became of Shevchenko during his time at Chelsea, which has sadly hurt his reputation on British shores, this was Sheva at his finest.9) Antonio Cassano, BARI v Inter, 1999-2000It’s difficult to think of a better debut goal as a professional player from any era in any league. The goal that catapulted the 17-year-old Antonio Cassano to superstardom and in turn heaped huge pressure on his slender shoulders from such a young age. The emotionally fragile player couldn’t cope with the expectations.Though the entire goal is full of genius, it’s really about Cassano’s opening three touches – from right heel to head to left foot – that exposes the sheer level of his innate talent. To pull off such fluid control while running at full speed and being pursued by two defenders on a muddy pitch is nothing short of miraculous. One can imagine Cassano scoring this goal repeatedly in front of the San Nicola church in the claustrophobic Bari Vecchia area of the city.8) Youri Djorkaeff, INTER v Roma, 1996-97The greatest bicycle kick of the age. The way Youri Djorkaeff manages to contort his body like an accordion in the direction of the goal, given that he was already positioned at an extremely tight angle and with a Roma defender racing towards him, let alone make such a perfect connection, is incredible.What wasn’t incredible was the initial mistake from Roma defender Fabio Petruzzi, inadvertently setting up the strike by clumsily attempting to clear the ball following Giorgio Sterchele’s save, leaving the ball hanging in the air.The following season Djorkaeff’s image – mid-contortion – was imprinted in the design of Inter’s season ticket.7) Christian Vieri, INTER v Parma, 1999-2000There were few finer strikers on the planet at the beginning of the 21st century than Christian Vieri. The burly Italian was very much a great goalscorer rather than a scorer of great goals, but this strike temporarily bucked that trend. Vieri did occasionally score the odd belter and this is probably the best goal of his nomadic career. How often can one say they made a mockery of the great Lilian Thuram before pinging the ball past Gigi Buffon into the top corner from outside the area? It was so good that even Roberto Baggio gave it an appreciative smile and clap. The ultimate stamp of approval if ever there was one.6) Roberto Mancini, Parma v LAZIO, 1998-99The peculiar thing about Roberto Mancini the manager is that he sends his teams out to play pragmatic football that is defensively sound and generally reactive. This goes against everything Mancini the player was: a swashbuckling No10 who floated around the pitch with style and panache. It’s an odd juxtaposition in the progression of Mancini from player to coach.The point is well illustrated by this goal against Parma. Not many players would have attempted something so radical, yet Mancini did. Not many could have pulled it off, but Mancini did. He doesn’t even look where the net is until after he’s connected with the ball. It’s an outrageous goal from a wonderful player.The disbelief on Christian Vieri’s face as he sprints over to join in the celebrations reinforces the sheer astonishment and ecstasy that moments such as this can bring, not only to fans but also players.Even Mancini the manager would have approved.5) Alessandro del Piero, v Fiorentina, 1994-95The goal that created a superstar and signalled the end of Roberto Baggio at Juventus. Juventus had nearly sold Alessandro del Piero to Parma the previous summer, only for fortunate circumstances to derail the move. It’s difficult now to imagine Del Piero playing in any other Serie A shirt than the black and white of Juve. Yet if it hadn’t have been for Dino Baggio changing his mind, history would have been so very different.While he made it look easy, it was anything but. As any player who has played the game at any level – even Sunday league – will attest, attempting a volley from a pass that’s coming from behind you is one of the most challenging skills there is. To pull it off while running is a mark of genius.4) Francesco Totti, v Parma, 1997-98 features Share on Twitter Twitter The touch. The Touch. The touch. “I was never satisfied with the easily scored goal,” Roberto Baggio once said. For a career that was criminally short on medals and trophies, he more than made up for it with improbable goals and moments of irrefutable genius. All 25 goals in this piece could have belonged to Baggio – the list would be as good, if not even better. No amount of words can do this goal justice. Just press play and marvel. Marvel at the pass the run, and the touch. It’s a work of art. Baggio was the defining player of this era. The best player throughout its entire stretch, he seemed to operate on an entirely different playing field to every footballer of the period.There have been very few players, then or since, who could manipulate the ball like Baggio. There wasn’t a type of goal missing from his repertoire; no goal was off limits. There are so many reasons why this goal is No1, but it always falls back to one thing: the touch.• This blog first appeared on The Gentleman Ultra• Follow Emmet Gates and The Gentleman Ultra on Twitter Share on LinkedIn On 6 November 1992, Channel 4 took a bold risk and went to Genoa to broadcast a Serie A match live for a British audience. Italian football had a reputation for being dull and defensive, but the players put on a show. Sampdoria and Lazio produced a stupendously entertaining 3-3 draw, with Beppe Signori and Roberto Mancini both on the scoresheet. A week later the cameras captured Milan’s 5-4 win over Pescara, which featured goals from Massimiliano Allegri, Paolo Maldini and Gianluigi Lentini, as well as a couple of own goals from Franco Baresi and a hat-trick from Marco van Basten.The viewers had been converted and they would remain hooked for the next decade. Below we have compiled the 25 best goals from the 10 years Football Italia was broadcast on Channel 4. To keep the list interesting, every player is limited to just one appearance – the entire 25 could have been by Roberto Baggio and Álvaro Recoba otherwise – and dead balls are denied entry.25) Marciano Vink, Sampdoria v GENOA, 1993-94You might be wondering who Marciano Vink is – and with good reason. The Dutch defender, who had to retire at the age of 28 due to injury, only spent one season in Italy, where he played a handful of games for Genoa before returning to the Netherlands. Vink’s middle name is Carlos Alberto and he channelled the legendary World Cup winner as he went on this mazy dribble past half of the Sampdoria team. He simply kept on running. The finish is a little underwhelming but the run was overwhelming. Share on WhatsApp Pinterest Francesco Totti in the Rome derby: his 11 goals for Roma against Lazio European club football Topics Serie A Lazio The great Ronaldo in his peak at Inter. Photograph: Allsport Twitter Milan A powerful header in a pulsating 4-4 draw at the Stadio Olimpico between the reigning champions and team who would take their crown. The cross from winger Sérgio Conceição was inch perfect, managing to find Marcelo Salas, the only Lazio player in Milan’s penalty box. The Chilean, who was at the peak of his career, used all of his neck muscles to plant the header past Christian Abbiati into the corner. The classic Uhlsport ball gives the goal extra nostalgic points.20) Paul Gascoigne, Pescara v LAZIO, 1992-93Paul Gascoigne merely showed glimpses of his talent during his troubled time in Italy. His first goal was an equaliser in the Rome derby; his next goal was classic Gascoigne. Picking the ball up in midfield, he slalomed his way through the Pescara defence, beating four players in a congested area just outside the penalty box before slotting the ball into the bottom corner. It was a reminder, amid all the controversy, anarchy and wisecracks, of what Gazza could do with a ball at his feet.19) Ronaldo, Milan v INTER, 1997-98 Guardian Sport Network Twitter 24) Massimo Agostini, Genoa v ANCONA, 1992-93There are a few bicycle kicks on this list, but this is the only time a bicycle kick sets up an overhead kick. This is a rare species of goal. The initial attempt from Felice Centofanti (a defender no less) was spectacular in itself – his execution was flawless – but it rattled off the crossbar and it was left to Massimo Agostini to go one better. The match ended in 4-4.23) Zvonimir Boban, Lecce v MILAN, 1993-94The silky Croatian’s first league goal for Milan was his finest. He controlled the ball instantly with his knee, deftly flicked it past an onrushing defender and then hit it. And hit it he did. Zvonimir Boban is a hugely underrated player. He had the misfortune of being surrounded by players who were either slightly more gifted or just more famous at Milan in the 1990s but that shouldn’t take away from his quality. This team went on to win the league and the Champions League nine months later.22) Márcio Amoroso, UDINESE v Parma, 1998-99The strike itself is beautiful but the key to the goal is Márcio Amoroso’s incredible agility. Receiving the ball with his back to goal, the Brazilian instantly controls it with his chest and immediately shifts it on to his left, turning defender Luigi Sartor inside out before lashing his shot past Gigi Buffon. Unsurprisingly, Parma signed Amoroso the following season but he would never again hit the heights of 1998-99, when he was top scorer in Serie A with Udinese.21) Marcelo Salas, LAZIO v Milan, 1999-2000 Roberto Baggio at 50: celebrating his five greatest free-kicks 18) Gianluca Vialli, Cremonese v JUVENTUS, 1994-95Gianluca Vialli is as close to an overhead kick specialist as you’ll find in Serie A. He had been disappointing for Juventus since signing from Sampdoria in 1992, but he found his form in his third season and was instrumental in ending their nine-year wait to win the title.Vialli scored several overhead kicks in the 1994-95 campaign but the one that stands out above the rest came against the club where he first made his name. Reacting quickly to a Fabrizio Ravanelli header, Vialli somehow evaded his marker and pulled off the acrobatics, smashing the ball in off the underside of the bar. Masterful.17) Juan Sebastián Verón, LAZIO v Udinese, 1999-2000Lazio finished second in the 1998-99 season, just a point behind champions Milan. The following year they won their first title since 1974; Juan Sebastián Verón made the difference. Signed from Parma in the summer of 1999, he added guile and class to what was a very robust Lazio midfield.This goal came after another perfectly weighted cross from Sergio Conceição, who burst down the right and found Verón roaring into the Udinese penalty box. Verón connected beautifully with the ball, sending it crashing into the net from close range. There’s something spectacular about a first-time volley. 16) Luiso, PIACENZA v Milan, 1996-97Some overhead kicks are spontaneous but this one was planned. Receiving the ball with his back to the Milan goal, Luiso – having his breakthrough season – was being tightly marked by Alessandro Costacurta inside the box. Costacurta seemed to have the Piacenza striker where he wanted him. Luiso had nowhere to go and his only viable option was to pass the ball back to a team-mate. He had other ideas. That the goal was the winner in a 3-2 thriller made it even sweeter for Luiso – a Milan fan.15) Matias Almeyda, Parma v LAZIO, 1999-2000Matias Almeyda only scored two goals in three years for Lazio. A tenacious tackler in central midfield, he didn’t have goalscoring at the top of his agenda, but this one would make any centre-forward proud. Gigi Buffon’s face is priceless after the ball nestles into his net; he knows full well there was little he could do to stop Almeyda’s outrageous effort. It was a once-in-a-lifetime connection. Almeyda swapped Lazio for Parma in the summer of 2000 as a makeweight in the Hernan Crespo deal, but he never produced anything like this for his new side.14) George Weah, MILAN v Verona, 1996-97George Weah’s coast-to-coast goal on the opening day of the 1996-97 season showcased all of his attributes: speed, power and expert finishing. Yet there is an element of good fortune in the build-up; he gets a lucky break when two Verona players attempt to dispossess him but the ball lands in his path as he performs a 180-degree spin and keeps on running. Weah was a dazzlingly dynamic player, but he wasn’t Maradona when it came to ball control. That shouldn’t take anything away from him; he ran from one box to another without any help from his team-mates. This goal is purely about Weah.13) Hernán Crespo, Juventus v PARMA, 1998-99The third goal of a Hernán Crespo hat-trick that ended Marcello Lippi’s first all-conquering stint at Juventus. He resigned after the game, a 4-2 home defeat to Parma. The instep-backheel goal was a particular favourite of Crespo’s. This one is the pick of the bunch. The pitch in the Stadio delle Alpi was never the greatest, especially in winter, which makes Verón’s pinned cross all the more remarkable. Crespo waltzed through a demoralised Juve defence and performed the perfect coup de grace on the Lippi reign.12) Fabrizio Ravanelli v Parma, 1994-95Much like the bicycle kick, the diving header is one of the finer ways to score a goal. There’s something heroic about a player flinging himself through the air, desperately trying to get on the end of a cross. It’s comic book, Roy of the Rovers material. Ravanelli’s against Parma is a classic of the genre.The White Feather had formed a deadly alliance with Gianluca Vialli and both were in the middle of their best season with Juventus. Ravanelli, surrounded by two Parma defenders and on the edge of the penalty box, threw himself in the air like a javelin to meet Vialli’s cross and plant the ball into the bottom corner of the Parma net. Ravanelli says it is his favourite Juve goal and it’s hard to argue with him.11) Gabriel Batistuta, FIORENTINA v Napoli, 1995-96 Nobody could do the cucchiaio quite like Totti. He almost made a career out of daintily chipping goalkeepers, from his outrageous Panenka in the penalty shootout at the Euro 2000 semi-final to his famed goal against Inter in 2006.The beauty of this goal is that he’s on his weaker foot and the angle isn’t ideal for this type of finish. Yet Totti, in his first season wearing the No10 shirt, produced a goal worthy of the number. It does no harm that Gigi Buffon was in goal for Parma. When Totti retired this summer, Buffon said: “Some of his goals against me were so wonderful that I would have been ruining a masterpiece had I managed to save them.” He had little chance of saving this one.3) Alvaro Recoba, INTER v Brescia, 1997-98 Udinese Pinterest Marcelo Salas is in there somewhere. Photograph: Plinio Lepri/AP Facebook Reuse this contentlast_img read more

NRL players provided gamblers with information, say police

first_imgNSW police say they found evidence of NRL players providing insider information to gamblers as part of the now closed investigation into match-fixing in the sport.While detectives are satisfied none of the four games they examined in 2015 and 2016 were rigged, they are concerned players illegally passed inside information on.Such matters are considered summary offences under the Crimes Act, however, NSW laws do not allow for individuals to be charged more than six months after the fact. Rugby League World Cup is Australia’s to lose as legacy builds Read more NRL Rugby league Share on WhatsApp Reuse this content Share on LinkedIn Since you’re here… … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on Messengercenter_img news Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Topics Share via Email Share on Pinterest Support The Guardian Australia sport “We’ve got no doubt there was insider information being exchanged about players who were playing, injuries, who was feeling good and who was feeling bad,” Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said.Police say their lengthy investigation revealed crime figures preying on vulnerable young players by building relationships with them after they had used drugs or prostitutes.“We’ve seen throughout this investigation, we’ve seen players who have debts greater than their [playing] contracts,” Supt Cook said. “Now that’s scary for them. And they need help.“They are vulnerable. A lot of these players are young, they need good mentors. They need people to help them guide their way through cocaine use, for gambling.”Police met with NRL executives on Tuesday to pass on the information but said no names of players involved would be provided.“We’re not in a position to do that,” Supt Cook said. “The legislation that we used to obtain the evidence prohibits us from giving that to any other third parties.“It’s very sensitive information. It’s designed to protect reputations the integrity of investigations and there is no way we can provide that to the NRL.”Instead, two detectives from the organised crime squad will speak with all NRL club CEOs and players to inform them of the danger of criminal figures.It comes after NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said the lack of match-fixing was a “vote of confidence” but the sport would continue efforts to protect its integrity, including working with clubs and players on drug and gambling programs.The aim was to “educate players on the need to make the right lifestyle choices”, he said in a statement.During the course of the investigation by Strike Force Narulda, detectives interviewed more than 160 people, including current and past players, referees, club officials and professional punters.They also executed 59 search warrants, gaining access to bank accounts, TAB accounts and phone data. Police had been alerted to the possibility of match-fixing by unusual betting patterns on matches.They also investigated the notion of point-shaving in matches. However, they also found no evidence it was actually occurring.Manly chairman Scott Penn, whose club had reportedly been involved in matches investigated, said he was unsurprised to hear no matches had been manipulated.“It’s very positive news to hear that the club has finally been cleared of the unsubstantiated allegations,” Penn said.last_img read more

Lincoln’s Danny Cowley: ‘After facing Özil and Sánchez we don’t fear anyone’

first_imgOn Sunday morning, less than 24 hours after Lincoln City’s FA Cup first-round tie at AFC Wimbledon, manager Danny Cowley will be back on the touchline, this time as assistant coach of Baddow Spartak U10 girls.“I’m assistant coach, I’m not manager, I’m not even assistant manager! I’m a balls, bibs and cones man. It’s great,” says the 39‑year‑old, who masterminded Lincoln’s extraordinary run to an FA Cup quarter‑final against Arsenal last season. Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest Lincoln Read more Share on Twitter From ball boys to the boardroom: why the FA Cup first round matters Topics Share on Messengercenter_img Share on Facebook FA Cup Share via Email features Share on LinkedIn It is watching his daughter, Isabella, on a Sunday morning that gives Cowley a rare moment to step away from the whirlwind of full-time management, that he says sees him hardly ever have a day off, although his job at Lincoln is very much a family affair.This week was a case in point. On Tuesday, having spent all day at their Sincil Bank stadium, Cowley watched their FA Youth Cup match and arrived back at his home in Essex at 3am on Wednesday.By 7.45am he was at Isabella’s cross-country running before watching video of Saturday’s opponents and completing some recruitment work. In the evening, he was at Baddow Spartak’s training and then in the car by 4.30am on Thursday, heading back to Lincolnshire for their own match preparations, aided by his assistant manager and brother, Nicky. His parents have barely missed a game in 11 years and will watch from the stands on Saturday.“When you’re involved with professional sport, sometimes the fun element can go away from it,” says Cowley, who also has a house in Lincoln. “It’s lovely to be able to remind yourself of how great the game is and there’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with children. Their enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious.”Cowley loves winning and learning. He had to quit working as a PE teacher at the FitzWimarc School in Rayleigh, Essex, after taking the Lincoln job but admits he misses the classroom and would not be scared to go back to it. He mixed the role while at Concord Rangers, where he started management – winning three promotions and six trophies in eight years.Cowley left Concord for National League side Braintree Town in 2015, guiding the part-timers into the play‑offs. The following season Lincoln came calling and Cowley’s biggest challenge began.The Imps exceeded expectations by winning the National League title in April and becoming the first non-league side since 1914 to reach the FA Cup quarter‑finals, beating Oldham Athletic, of League One, the Championship sides Ipswich Town and Brighton & Hove Albion and then top-flight Burnley on their own patch.The Cup run brought in money in the region of £2m and now those funds must be spent wisely. “We’re a club in transition,” says Cowley. “We’re trying to make that step from non-league to Football League. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes trying to bring the business side of the club in line with the football department. We’re trying to be competitive while getting better.“What was really important for Nicky and I is that we used the money to create a legacy off the Cup run. It is about trying to have sustained success and investing the money back into the club and structure.“You look at other clubs who have had Cup runs like we did and the money has come in and gone into the budget and then the money ends up frittered away. We don’t want that.“We’ve only got 19 players, 15 of our own and four loan players. We’ve probably got the smallest squad in the Football League. We don’t like to work with big numbers.“We’re in the process of buying our own training ground which will be a massive step in the right direction for our club. That will give us the facilities to give us the provision to keep developing our own players.“The reality is that we train at a school for a couple days and at the army barracks on the others. We spend most of our time in other people’s gardens, in stinging nettles, getting our footballs back. That’s where we’re at. We want to give ourselves the best chance of sustained success.”Lincoln are three points off the play-offs in League Two, six from automatic promotion and have conceded 14 goals, the second fewest in the division. Cowley’s team have struggled to score, though, with 16 goals in as many games but he is adamant they will come. “Whenever you get a promotion, the hardest thing to do is find goals,” he says despite the fact that he re-signed last season’s top scorer Matt Rhead and added Ollie Palmer and Matt Green. “Last year we scored 109 goals, this year we’ve been short of them. That has been as much the quality of the opposition that we’ve played against so far – but we have belief in our forwards.“If you can sign players with a winning mentality that’s really important. One of the key parts of it is to sign the right characters, I almost look for personality before performance. Make sure that they have the mindset that fits our dressing room. I always think if you can get like-minded people then you go a long way to sustainable success.”A problem Cowley now faces – and it is a nice one – is living up to the standards his history-making team set which have drawn in League Two’s highest average crowds.“We’ve gone from 2,500 supporters to having over 6,000 season-ticket holders. Our supporters, in the short term, have only known success. There is a level of expectation that needs to be managed. A lot of our fans are intelligent enough to know that we’re on a pathway, a journey. We’re making good progress and we’re going to keep learning fast.”Almost eight months on from that quarter-final night at the Emirates Stadium, on Saturday Lincoln are back in the competition against AFC Wimbledon, who play in the division above them. “For us to go back into the FA Cup off last year’s experience is just brilliant. It’s a real challenge for us because we always aim to be better than what we’ve done before which means we have to get to the semi-finals.“It proved last year that anything is possible. If you’re willing to work really hard and be selfless and put the team first, then anything is possible. We’re looking forward to being reacquainted with the greatest cup competition in the world. After playing against the likes of [Mesut] Özil and [Alexis] Sánchez we’ll never walk on the football pitch fearing anyone again.” Reuse this contentlast_img read more

A combined Manchester XI: which United and City players make it into our team?

first_imgShare on Facebook Read more Barney Ronay Premier League Share on WhatsApp Topics Defence Kyle Walker’s greater pace and dynamism gives him an edge over Antonio Valencia. Eric Bailly is the best centre-back at either club but is injured, so Phil Jones, José Mourinho’s other first-choice for United, is an accomplished replacement. John Stones is also out, so Fernandinho can drop back from his normal holding berth. Left-back is a weak position at both clubs apart from Benjamin Mendy, who damaged a cruciate in September. Ashley Young, who with each match in the role convinces more, steps up.Defensive midfield Nemanja Matic is a natural holding player who is at ease controlling the tempo in front of the back four. His presence would free up others to join the attack.Attacking midfield How this quartet would enjoy playing with Matic behind them. Kevin De Bruyne’s cool head and killer touch – see his creation of David Silva’s winner against West Ham last Sunday – combines with a schemer’s 20-20 vision: the Belgian is Paul Scholes‑esque in his ability to mind‑map a contest and fashion it his side’s way. At the start of the year Raheem Sterling’s claim to a place in Pep Guardiola’s team appeared fragile; now he cannot be ignored. With 13 goals in 20 games and at just 23 years of age, he has become a match-winner for City, scoring the decisive goal in a game six times this season. David Silva’s glittering brilliance means he could operate in any of the positions behind the No9. Leroy Sané’s selection ahead of Anthony Martial is marginal. The Frenchman has been a key factor in United’s impressive campaign. His tally of eight in 23 against Sané’s eight in 24 is near-identical. Martial, though, is not yet an automatic inclusion in Mourinho’s best team, perhaps because of a tendency, on occasion, to run up blind alleys.Forwards Sergio Agüero has heeded Guardiola’s promptings to become a more rounded striker, scoring 12 times in 17 games. Romelu Lukaku and Gabriel Jesus may have claims, but the 29-year-old Argentinian walks into this team as the No9. Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Manchester United features Share via Email Share on Messenger José Mourinho’s harry and hurry battle plan could unstitch Manchester City GoalkeeperSelection elsewhere has been affected by who is available but luckily that is not the case in goal. Ederson has been hugely impressive, so it is no slight that David de Gea, one of United’s two world-class footballers, is my choice. The Spaniard offers the consistent brilliance that marks all elite players and is touching greatness. His startling double save at Arsenal from Alexandre Lacazette’s shot and Alexis Sánchez’s rebound was so good it inspired his outfield team-mates to elevate their performance. The Observer Reuse this content Share on LinkedIn Manchester Citylast_img read more

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur: match preview

first_imgShare on WhatsApp Share via Email Tottenham Hotspur Match previews news Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Topics Share on Twitter Premier League Share on Pinterest Manchester City Share on Messenger Manchester City have not beaten Tottenham Hotspur since May 2015, which means Pep Guardiola is yet to defeat Mauricio Pochetinno’s side since taking over. The smart money, though, says Saturday will be the day as City are 18 points better off and flying. If Spurs can worry the home side through pace, though, as Liverpool did in September before Sadio Mané’s sending off, they may have a chance of handing City a first league defeat. Jamie JacksonKick-off Saturday 5.30pm Venue Etihad StadiumLast season Man City 2 Tottenham 2Live BT Sport 1Referee Craig PawsonThis season G13, Y44, R4, 3.69 cards per gameOdds H 4-7 A 5-1 D 4-1Manchester CitySubs from Bravo, Touré, Adarabioyo, Díaz, B Silva, Danilo, Jesus, Foden, Gündogan, KompanyDoubtful Kompany (match fitness)Injured Stones (hamstring, Jan), Mendy (knee, Apr)Suspended NoneForm WWWWWWDiscipline Y29 R2Leading scorer Agüero 10Tottenham HotspurSubs from Vorm, Gazzaniga, Aurier, Walker-Peters, Rose, Foyth, Sissoko, Nkoudou, Lamela, LlorenteDoubtful NoneInjured Alderweireld (hamstring, Feb), Wanyama (knee, unknown)Suspended Sánchez (last of three)Form LDLDWWDiscipline Y19 R2Leading scorer Kane 12 Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Big changes could be afoot after New England’s Super Bowl loss

first_imgRight to the bitter end, Tom Brady still believed it was possible. Even after the strip-sack, the field goal and the failed attempt at kick-return trickery that left the Patriots back at their own nine-yard line with 58 seconds to play and no timeouts remaining. Down eight points in the dying moments of a Super Bowl: hadn’t he been here before? Maybe just 12 months ago?“We were poised, I thought we had another chance to get the ball,” said Brady afterward. “We got it back around a minute ten, got it to midfield and took a shot … just came up short on the Hail Mary.”It is precisely that defiance, that refusal to bend to anyone else’s narrative that has allowed him to become the most successful quarterback of all-time. We are often told that defense wins championships. This was a night when Brady ripped apart the NFL’s fourth-ranked D for a Super Bowl-record 505 passing yards. Share on WhatsApp Pinterest Facebook Nick Foles made the catch the great Tom Brady couldn’t in Super Bowl LII For once, though, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough because Nick Foles and the Eagles refused to back down from a brawl, never ducking a blow but instead returning each one with interest: a footballing Rocky Balboa determined to just keep pressing on. It wasn’t enough because Philadelphia held their nerve right to the end – unlike Jacksonville last month, or Atlanta last year. Yet it was also not enough because Foles caught a touchdown on a fourth-down double-reverse trick play, where Brady dropped one that would have given New England a big first-down just a few moments earlier. If that one mistake did not define the game on its own, it was perhaps the single clearest example of what separated these teams: straightforward execution. To listen to the Patriots players speak afterward was to hear this theme repeated a hundred different ways. Wide receiver Chris Hogan spoke about the offense’s failure to finish drives in the first-half. Defensive co-ordinator Matt Patricia lamented his unit’s difficulties getting off the field on third down. “We just had to get one stop,” said cornerback Eric Rowe. “It wasn’t like they were getting chunk plays on us, we kept getting them in third down situations. We just had to get one stop, and whether it’s getting off a block, keeping our leverage, missing a tackle – those things were killing us.”He was right, of course. The Patriots were unfortunate to lose Brandin Cooks to a concussion, but before that the receiver had been involved in a play that highlighted the quality of the Eagles’ open-field tackling: his attempt to hurdle Rodney McLeod ending both painfully and short of the first-down marker. A contrasting image was provided by Philadelphia’s Nelson Agholor, slipping out of Johnson Bademosi’s grasp to pick up a big gain on third down. Brandin Cooks tries to hurdle Rodney McLeod. Photograph: Craig Lassig/EPA Share on Messenger Super Bowl LII Twitter He was reluctant to answer questions about his future during his post-game interview, pointing out that barely 15 minutes had passed and that he would “like time to process this”. When pushed, he did upgrade an “I certainly hope so” to an: “I don’t see why I wouldn’t be back”. Before kickoff, he had told Westwood One that “you’re going to see me playing football next year.” On the evidence of this performance, he still has plenty left in the tank. And it would have been bizarre indeed for the Patriots to trade away both Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett if they did not expect Brady to return. But rumblings of discord between him and the head coach Bill Belichick have hung over the final part of this season, and you can be sure that we will hear plenty more on that subject now that there are no more games to focus on. It is not unreasonable to wonder if we will ever see them in a Super Bowl together again, yet equally we cannot call it implausible that they might yet share several more. The speculation can wait, though, for at least a day or two. This Super Bowl Sunday did not belong to Tom Brady or the Patriots. Believe it or not, it is someone else’s turn to write the story for once. Topics Share on Twitter Super Bowl US sports Since you’re here… Read more Share on LinkedIncenter_img Pinterest Share via Email Share on Pinterest New England Patriots Many will wonder whether New England might not have benefited from the presence on the field of Malcolm Butler – a man whose ability to produce a big play in a big moment has won them a Super Bowl before. The cornerback, whose end zone interception sealed victory over Seattle three years ago, had played 97.8% of the Patriots’ defensive snaps this season. Here, he never made it onto the field.Butler, who arrived one day later than his team-mates in Minneapolis after a reported illness, was seen crying during the anthem and told ESPN afterwards that “they gave up on me.” Coaches refused to enter into specifics, but insisted that this was a football decision rather than a disciplinary one.It is a story that will run on into the offseason, with Butler set to become a free agent. This has not been his finest season, but the notion that there could be no role at all for him on a day when the Patriots were struggling to make a stop seems absurd. That he was frustrated to play on a one-year tender this season, whilst fellow cornerback Stephon Gilmore got a five-year, $65m contract, is well known, and he has conceded before now that for a time it did affect his play. To lose him would hardly cripple these Patriots. No team turns over its roster as effectively as New England do under Bill Belichick, making stars out of journeymen or otherwise overlooked players. If things had gone just a little differently tonight, we might have finished the night lauding such unlikely heroes as Chris Hogan and Kyle Van Noy. Yet there are players who will be harder to replace when the time comes. Rob Gronkowski is still only 28 but said he would “look over my future” before the start of next season. Meanwhile, Brady finished up on the losing side this time, but even at 40 years old he was the best quarterback in the NFL this season – deservedly winning the league’s MVP award before tearing up the record books even in defeat to the Eagles. NFL Super Bowl 2018: Philadelphia Eagles stun New England Patriots features Share on Facebook Tom Brady Twitter Support The Guardian Facebook … we have a small favour to ask. 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We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Play VideoAdvertisementPlayCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%FullscreenMuteThis is a modal window. Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Real Madrid to sign €45m teenager Rodrygo as Ronaldo ‘settles tax affairs’

first_imgReuse this content Transfer window Share on Pinterest Meanwhile the Spanish newspaper El Mundo has reported that Ronaldo will pay €18.8m to the Spanish Tax Agency to bring legal proceedings against him to a close. The Portugal forward was accused of four fiscal offences but is said to have agreed to an admission of wrongdoing in the settlement, which carries an automatic two-year prison charge. However, like the Barcelona players Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano, the 33-year-old will avoid serving any of his sentence. Real Madrid The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Share on Messenger Share on LinkedIn Share via Email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Real Madrid have agreed to sign Rodrygo Goes from the Brazilian side Santos for €45m, with reports in Spain that Cristiano Ronaldo has accepted a settlement over his tax affairs.Rodrygo, a forward who is to complete his move to Spain in 2019, made his debut for Santos last November at the age of 16 and has scored five goals in nine league appearances for the club in the Brazilian top flight.“Real Madrid C F and Santos Futebol Clube have agreed that Rodrygo Goes will play his football at Real Madrid when he reaches the legal age requirement,” the Spanish side said on their website. “Although the player would be able to play for our club as of January 2019, the agreement in place sets out that he will join the squad in July of that year.”Rodrygo will join his fellow teenager Vinícius Júnior, who signed for the triple European champions last summer, in Madrid. Santos Topics Share on WhatsApp Cristiano Ronaldo newslast_img read more

Steph Houghton praised by Phil Neville for class after ‘horrific’ news

first_img“In the last camp I felt that, for the first time, the players and the staff got me,” said Neville. “I thought: ‘They understand what I’m about.’ I didn’t have to take every training session myself. I could delegate and, all of a sudden, the players were driving standards from within.”This new consensus will be tested not only by Brazil at Notts County but by Australia, who visit Fulham’s Craven Cottage on Tuesday for another friendly which pits Neville’s team against heavyweight World Cup opponents.“I hope we’re not going to have to adapt our style,” he said. “I always like to let opponents worry about us. I hope we won’t have to change our philosophy but we do need to win so, sometimes, you do need to adapt a little bit.”He is prepared to compromise on formation rather than overall principles. “We’re working on two systems – 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 – so the framework can change but I don’t think the style will. The best managers in the world don’t change their style.“I have total belief in the way I want my team to be successful and I’m going to stick by that style. If it works, great, but if it doesn’t, you know what, we’re going to die trying. We’re going to die trying to do it my way.” Eni Aluko Reuse this content Share on Pinterest “Steph’s obviously not in a good place,” said England’s manager. “She’s had to deal with something that’s absolutely horrific but she’s dealt with it in class manner.“Steph’s a wonderful, wonderful person and she’s gone up so much in my estimation; she’s been unbelievable in the last few weeks. Her leadership is incredible.“Professionally she’s playing the best football of her career but it’s no secret that Steph is now in charge of what she wants to do. If she wants to come on camp, she comes on camp; if she wants to train, she can train. But if she wants to go home, she goes home – football’s just a game. If Steph wants time off, we’ll support her.”As Darby – a former Liverpool, Bradford and Bolton defender – was inundated with messages of support following his enforced retirement, Neville’s players convened for a discussion unprecedented in its seriousness. “We’ve sat down and talked about it as a team,” Neville said.“We all know that family – and family values – are far more important than kicking a ball around a football field. Steph and her husband have been overwhelmed by all the well‑wishers but it shows how highly they’re thought of as people – and that’s the most important thing.”Neville has long been impressed with the “characters” and “integrity” of the players he inherited from Mark Sampson but his challenge before next summer’s World Cup in France is to fully convert the squad to his passing, build-from-the-back credo.Whereas Sampson, who led England to the semi-finals of the last World Cup and European Championship, is a highly tactical coach whose gameplans were dictated by the strengths and weaknesses of opponents, Neville wants his team to impose their style on rivals.He believes a watershed was reached before England’s victory against Wales in late August which secured the Lionesses’ qualification for France 2019. Share on WhatsApp Women’s football Pinterest news Topics Read more England women’s football team Read more Even so, Neville regards the impending fixtures against non-European opponents also including the United States and Japan – who England will meet in next spring’s SheBelieves Cup in America – as essential “acclimatisation” exercises.“It’s absolutely imperative to play top teams from different continents,” he said. “I want to take my players out of their comfort zone and see if they’ve got what it takes to win a World Cup.“I hope that, by next summer, we’ve got confidence against these teams and know how to beat them, but this is elite sport so some of our players won’t stay on the bus; there’ll be injuries and loss of form but some won’t be able to keep up with the pace. My squad are under no illusions about what it will take to get on that plane to France.”Neville believes the Lionesses are inspired by sharing facilities with England’s men’s teams at St George’s Park. “There’s no gender disparity here,” he said. “It’s just football – and every minute of every day people are swapping ideas. Gareth Southgate often speaks to my players and comes to watch us train. That sends an important message.” Sport enters the WhatsApp age and dreads ever being asked to leave Share on Twitter Emma John Facebook Twitter Phil Neville Share via Email Steph Houghton is scheduled to captain England women in the friendly against Brazil on Saturday but Phil Neville will understand if his key defender changes her mind and decides against playing.Stephen Darby, Houghton’s husband, has recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease and the couple are attempting to come to terms with this cruellest of medical news. Share on LinkedIn Neville’s pet project amuses but England Women need goals for glory England celebrate after securing qualification for the World Cup. Photograph: Kieran McManus/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock Share on Messenger Share on Facebooklast_img read more

Crewe agree first settlement with Barry Bennell victim after U-turn

first_imgShare on Messenger Share on Facebook Football Share via Email Manchester City to issue apology and set up fund for Bennell abuse victims Read more Crewe are still facing a number of other claims in the high court and have brought in a law firm, Keoghs, which is regarded as a specialist in defending organisations from claims relating to child-abuse cases. The club’s defence, stated in legal papers, was that it would not be possible to have a fair trial relating to events from the 1980s and 1990s.Many of Bennell’s victims now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and other related issues and say they were unable to report Bennell as children because they felt shamed into silence and fearful of the consequences. Crewe’s legal argument was that there was “no adequate reason” for the delay.Crewe’s lawyers had also argued that Bennell’s crimes were “not committed in the course of his duties” and that there was no record of the club ever paying him to have boys stay overnight – even though this newspaper has a copy of his expenses account, claiming £5 a boy per night.For the former player who has received the first settlement, Crewe’s tactics have made the recovery process even more difficult. “To find out Crewe were basically saying ‘prove it’ felt like being back in court again, being cross-examined by Barry Bennell’s barrister,” he said. “I expected to have to fight Bennell, I never expected I would have to fight Crewe. I wasn’t expecting this ‘family club’ trying everything possible to try to get out of it.”Referring to the chairman, John Bowler, and the director of football, Dario Gradi, he added: “Not only do I believe they should be out of that club, I firmly believe they should be out of football, full stop.” Gradi, who brought Bennell to Crewe, is suspended by the Football Association but has denied any wrongdoing.Bennell, 65, was convicted last year of 50 specimen charges relating to 12 of the boys, aged eight to 14, he coached in the junior systems of Crewe and Manchester City, from 1979 to 1991. At least 97 others have reported him on the back of Woodward’s interview in the Guardian in November 2016 and Bennell is facing the possibility of another criminal trial involving at least nine complainants. Share on WhatsApp Share on LinkedIn news Topics That process would mean Crewe following Manchester City, the other club most seriously implicated in the Bennell scandal, by deciding it would be better to take this approach rather than the prospect of meeting their former players in court and potentially having to pay out significantly larger sums.Yet Crewe, the Guardian can also reveal, have declined to offer any form of apology as part of the first arrangement of its kind, which involves a player who was sexually abused, aged 11 to 14, during his years in the club’s youth system. The player in question, now in his 40s, had also asked Crewe to apologise to his parents but that, again, was turned down.Speaking anonymously to this newspaper, he said: “It was never about the money because no amount of money is ever going to give me my childhood back or stop me from thinking every single day about what happened to me as a boy in Crewe’s care.“When I came forward two and a half years ago, having seen [another former Crewe player] Andy Woodward waive his anonymity, my only aim was to get Barry Bennell sent down to make sure he was off the streets and couldn’t do this to anyone else.“However, the fact Crewe never contacted me, or any of the players, and never showed any human side, knowing what they did, angered and upset me, caused me even more anxiety and stress and has now brought us to this point. Crewe like to be thought of as a so-called ‘family club’ but that club made me fight all this way. Even now we have had to try to force out an apology from them and they still won’t offer one.“I would have liked an apology for my parents because of the guilt they feel. They shouldn’t feel that guilt, it’s the people at Crewe who should feel guilty. Maybe, if the club had apologised two and a half years ago, it might have looked genuine. I know now that it would mean nothing anyway because it would be a forced apology, rather than a genuine one.”His solicitor, Dino Nocivelli of Bolt Burdon Kemp, said he hoped there would now be “a domino effect that will bring justice and closure to so many survivors who have been hoping for decades for the same”.He added: “We had to force Crewe Alexandra into a corner before they finally acknowledged they had little option but to engage with us and look to settle this case. The club used every tool at their disposal to fight this case. This resulted in me having to issue court proceedings at the high court to apply pressure on them to do the right thing, finally.“This settlement is very important to my client as not only has Bennell paid for his acts of abuse but now Crewe have been forced to pay for their failings. It is disappointing that the club still refuse to apologise but, considering how hard we have had to fight for our client, it is clear to us that any apology from the club would not be genuine. Sadly, and often in abuse cases, sorry is the hardest word.”Asked about the settlement and lack of apology, Crewe issued a statement saying: “The club does not consider it appropriate to comment on individual cases that are being dealt with by its insurers, except to reiterate that it sincerely regrets the abuse committed by Barry Bennell and expresses its deepest sympathies to the victims and survivors.” Read more Crewe Alexandra Crewe Alexandra have dramatically changed their position in the face of widespread legal action from Barry Bennell’s victims and agreed the first out-of-court settlement for damages since the club’s former youth-team coach was sentenced to 31 years in prison.The deal was signed off on Tuesday and represents a significant climbdown on Crewe’s part bearing in mind the aggressive tactics they have been using to fight the claims in the high court. The club’s lawyers were calling for the cases to be thrown out but the Guardian’s information is that they will now offer similar settlements to more of their former players. Barry Bennell: the predatory Pied Piper who made stars and shattered lives Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Ghana qualify for Women’s U-17 WC

first_imgGhana U17 Ghana humiliate Djibouti to qualify for 2018 Women’s U-17 World Cup Prince Narkortu Teye Last updated 1 year ago 19:24 2/19/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Ghana U17 women GFA media Ghana U17 The Black Maidens have secured a ticket to Uruguay 2018 Ghana will play at the Fifa Under-17 Women’s World Cup for the six successive time after brushing aside Djibouti in the final round of the African Zone qualifiers on Sunday.The Black Maidens annihilated their East African counterparts 10-0 at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium, leaving the score at 19-0 on aggregate following a 9-0 away victory in the first leg.AdChoices广告Captain Abdulai Mukarama scored four times, while Fuseina Mumuni, Nina Norshie, Victoria Teye, Berikisu Rahaman and Azuma Bugrie all added a goal each. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The win guarantees Ghana a place at the next U-17 Women’s World Cup to hold in Uruguay in November/December.Impressively, the Maidens have qualified for every single edition of the tournament since its inception in 2008.Their best performance was a third-place finish at Azerbaijan 2012.Elsewhere, Nigeria will be absent at the tournament for the first time ever after falling to Cameroon on away goals following a 3-3 aggregate, while South Africa beat Morocco to claimed Africa’s last ticket.last_img read more

Exciting Website Changes and New Features

first_imgSportingPulse is pleased to announce that on Tuesday March 24 (2009) a number of exciting changes and new features will be made to your Sportzware Website. It’s important that you read the communications available to you and learn about these changes. Not only are they exciting, but they add more functionality and help to fully optimise your website.SportingPulse has produced a communication outlining these changes and also put together a user guide on all of the new features, both of which are available by clicking on this link (please refer to the Australia/New Zealand changes);http://supportwiki.sportingpulse.com/index.php/Summary_of_v7_Changes_and_Enhancements_(March_2009)Should you have any questions please contact SportingPulse atsupport@sportingpulse.comWe trust you will enjoy using these new features and like the updated changes to your website.Related Filessportzware_website_changes_on-2-pdflast_img read more

Sport For Women Day A Success

first_imgTouch Football was one of many sports to show its support on the day, with plenty of people taking the opportunity to try their hand at the sport. ACT representatives Kath Finn, Erin Sutcliffe, Sarah Fenton, Cass Fisher, Alannah Radovanov, Jacinta Williams and Kasey and Christine Dragisic showed their support of the day, helping people at the passing target as well as displaying some of their skills on the field. Matilda’s Sarah Walsh and Caitlin Munoz proved that they aren’t only good at Football, both impressing at the Touch Football passing target. To see some photos of the day, please visit the Touch Football ACT website and click on the ‘Photo Gallery’ section of the top menu – www.acttouch.com.au To find out more about Sport For Women day and Sports Hydrant, please click on the link below:http://www.sportforwomen.com.au/last_img read more

10 months agoBarcelona ace Messi: I want to work again with Guardiola

first_imgBarcelona ace Messi: I want to work again with Guardiolaby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBarcelona ace Leo Messi admits he’d like to again work with Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.Guardiola and Messi won the Champions League together at Barca.And Messi’s latest comments could give fans slight hope that they may see him in a City shirt after all, even if he was hinting at a reunion at the Nou Camp.He told Marca: “Although it is difficult, I would like to work with Guardiola again. He is one of the best coaches in the world.”That’s why I would like [him to come back], but I’m telling you that I see it as complicated.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

10 months agoFather admits big transfer interest for Sampdoria defender Joachim Andersen

first_imgFather admits big transfer interest for Sampdoria defender Joachim Andersenby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveThe father of Sampdoria defender Joachim Andersen admits there’s growing transfer interest in the Dane.Jacob Andersen also acts as the Danish international’s representative.“I have been to many meetings, as Joachim is wanted by the top six clubs in Italy and England,” he told Ekstra Bladet.“I am not thinking about a January move and neither is Joachim. He is fine where he is now, although naturally if a big club were to request a meeting, we wouldn’t turn it down.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

10 months agoDONE DEAL: Cardiff striker Lee Tomlin delighted to make Peterborough return

first_imgDONE DEAL: Cardiff striker Lee Tomlin delighted to make Peterborough returnby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the lovePeterborough have re-signed Cardiff City forward Lee Tomlin on loan for the rest of the season.The 29-year-old previously played for the League One side between 2010 and 2014, before spells at Middlesbrough, Bournemouth and Bristol City.The deal had been expected to go through on 1 January, but Tomlin could feature against Rochdale on Saturday.He has made only 16 Cardiff appearances since joining in July 2017, and spent time with Nottingham Forest last term.”I feel like a kid again, I have got a smile on my face and I cannot wait to get started. It feels like coming home. It is a club that I love and a club that I have wonderful memories of,” Tomlin told the Posh website.”It is not just a sentimental move for me though, I am here to help the club try and get promoted.”We have wonderful facilities at the club now, it has come on a lot since I was here the first time so there has been a lot of investment and the players are quality players.”It has taken a little while to get completed but that is all done now and I can concentrate on playing football. I am looking forward to the challenge.” TagsTransfersLoan MarketAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

9 months agoSheffield Utd boss Wilder early Huddersfield contender

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Sheffield Utd boss Wilder early Huddersfield contenderby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveSheffield United boss Chris Wilder is an early contender for the manager’s job at Huddersfield Town.David Wagner left the post by mutual consent on Monday night.The Daily Mail says Under-23s coach Mark Hudson will take charge for Sunday’s clash with Manchester City but is not expected to be offered the role full-time. Chief executive Julian Winter is known to be a fan of Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder but no approach has yet been made. Sam Allardyce, who played for Huddersfield, is not understood to be considering an application.While they acknowledge that the situation is grave, officials at the club retain an element of belief that they can stay in the Premier League and will be looking for a candidate who shares that view. last_img read more

a month agoReal Madrid president Florentino not thinking about Mourinho – yet

first_imgReal Madrid president Florentino not thinking about Mourinho – yetby Carlos Volcanoa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid president Florentino Perez retains confidence in coach Zinedine Zidane.Despite last night’s Champions League humbling at PSG and an indifferent start to the season, Zidane can still count on the support of Florentino.Mundo Deportivo says, however, that will change if results don’t go their way against Sevilla and Atletico Madrid in their upcoming games.With Jose Mourinho still a free agent, a readymade replacement is available to Florentino.However, for the moment, there is no discussion inside the club to bring back the Portuguese. TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

a month agoWolves watching Real Madrid playmaker Odegaard at Real Sociedad

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Wolves watching Real Madrid playmaker Odegaard at Real Sociedadby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveWolves are watching Real Madrid playmaker Martin Odegaard during his loan with Real Sociedad.The ambitious Molineux club has sent spies to Spain to run the rule over the former Norwegian wonderkid after a string of stellar performances in La Liga.Odegaard has been loaned from the Bernabeu to Real Sociedad this term and has caught the eye since the start of the season.According to sources in Spain, it is understood that Madrid’s bosses may listen to offers for the 20-year-old – who could cost up to £20m, says the Mirror.And Wolves would look to make a move in the New Year if given the green light from the Spanish capital. last_img read more

22 days agoChelsea blown away by Lille in UYL

first_imgChelsea blown away by Lille in UYLby Ansser Sadiq22 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLille managed an impressive win over Chelsea in the UEFA Youth League.The French outfit were the more clinical of the two teams as they played out a tight contest at the club’s training ground.The likes of Marc Guehi, Billy Gilmour and Ian Maatsen were involved for Chelsea.But they were wasteful in front of goal and eventually conceded a penalty late in the first half.It was converted by Noah Fatar, giving the hosts a 1-0 lead at half time.Lille doubled their lead through Fadiga Ouattara, who came off the bench and scored with his first touch. About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Michigan G Spike Albrecht Thanks Wolverines’ Fan With Heartfelt Tweet Following B1G Tourney Loss

first_imgSpike Albrecht speaks on camera.The Michigan men’s basketball team’s season might have come to an end today, as the Wolverines fell in the Big Ten Tournament to Wisconsin, 71-60. John Beilein’s squad, 16-16, 8-10 in the Big Ten, is surely not an NCAA Tournament team, and a berth into the NIT seems questionable, too. The Michigan coach said following the loss to the Badgers that they’re not interested in playing in one of other tournaments. So, this afternoon might have been the last time we saw this year’s edition of Michigan basketball. In light of that, Wolverines’ junior guard Spike Albrecht sent out a heartfelt tweet to the fans, thanking them for their support this season. Thanks to everyone who stuck by our side all season long. Can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your support. #GoBlue— spike albrecht (@SpikeAlbrecht) March 13, 2015Michigan had a down season in 2014-15, but the Wolverines will bring a decent amount of talent back, and get some key players healthy. Beilein’s team could be a contender in the Big Ten next season.last_img read more